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The Pre Race Cold

Do you see this?  Do you?  DO YOU? That’s right, three days before the start of Run Week 2012 I have a damned cold.  Note I say cold and not something to the… Continue reading

Baked Zucchini Fries

I had plans for yesterday.  Big plans. I made myself a nice balanced breakfast, heavy on the protein so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat a wildebeest or fellow employee as a mid-morning… Continue reading

Get with the program, lady!

Damn you, delicious sweet potato fries with a smokey rhubarb ketchup.  Damn you to hell. And damn you, free Mammoth Golden Trout pilsners  that made their way accidentally on purpose to our table.… Continue reading

The Calm Before the Storm

It’s quiet.  So very quiet.  The canine flyball tournament I spend 8 months out of the year planning wrapped up Sunday evening and was immediately labeled an overwhelming success by its attendees (getting… Continue reading

Priorities, Priorities

Wait, you mean I actually have five minutes to sit down and put together a well thought out post?  Not really but I am making time. Spring has sprung.  That about sums up… Continue reading

When Good Runs Go Right

Last night’s group run called for four miles, outdoors in the wind.  I hate the wind.  (Didn’t I already mention that this week?)  I had two options: A)    Put on my big girl… Continue reading

The Black Death Can Bite Me

Miss me?  Did you think I had abandoned you?  Did you think like so many millions of Americans I had already given up my New Year’s resolutions like posting more often?  Don’t lie. … Continue reading

Doing Nothing: The Cure for Overbooked Weekend Schedule Syndrome

I had a fantastic weekend.  Seriously, it was awesome.  And yesterday was perfect. First, I slept in until 9 without the aid of cough syrup.  That in itself is a miracle.  I am… Continue reading

Holiday Feasting, My Way

I ate a 1,300 calorie piece of cheesecake yesterday and it was absolutely delicious.  There is no remorse, no guilt, no emotional turmoil; it was a simple holiday indulgence and I loved every… Continue reading

Farewell, Rice Maker: 1997 – 2011

There was a death in our family.  I am still in mourning. In June of 1997 I had just graduated high school and was preparing to head off to college.  I had all… Continue reading