15 Miles and a Surprise Entry

Rawr!  RAAAWR! That’s right.  I am bad ass. Actually, I’m not but I play a bad ass on tv. That’s not even true. I don’t actually care because I feel absolutely amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G… Continue reading

Running Slow

I have stated many, many time that I do not like the heat.  Don’t worry.  This isn’t yet another post berating Mother Nature for inflicting her wrath upon me in the form of… Continue reading

Pus Filled Blisters and Pancakes

I think the title says it all, but just in case you need me to elaborate below the is the tale of my very odd work out last night: First, I ran (loped-it… Continue reading

I Hate Pink Shoes

The boy was not at all surprised when I came home from running with the gang last night, dripping with sweat, cheeks flushed and sporting a plastic bag filled with running goodies including… Continue reading

Of Mountains and Mole Hills

Oh the pain, the agony! I didn’t get one of the highly coveted spots in the Half Moon Bay Half.  Each time entries have been released, I have frantically scrambled and thrown my… Continue reading

12 miles, 4 pounds and a Peanut Butter Milkshake

It is perfectly acceptable to pick up a peanut butter milkshake at mile 10.  No really, it is.  But more on that in a minute. Sunday I set out for 12-13 very urban,… Continue reading

Baked Zucchini Fries

I had plans for yesterday.  Big plans. I made myself a nice balanced breakfast, heavy on the protein so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat a wildebeest or fellow employee as a mid-morning… Continue reading

Get with the program, lady!

Damn you, delicious sweet potato fries with a smokey rhubarb ketchup.  Damn you to hell. And damn you, free Mammoth Golden Trout pilsners  that made their way accidentally on purpose to our table.… Continue reading

The Calm Before the Storm

It’s quiet.  So very quiet.  The canine flyball tournament I spend 8 months out of the year planning wrapped up Sunday evening and was immediately labeled an overwhelming success by its attendees (getting… Continue reading

Beaches, Cupcakes and Lakes… Oh my!

Vacation is a fabulous thing.  I don’t take them often and when I do I normally remain connected to much of the outside world, including my office.  Even when I spent three glorious… Continue reading