33 miles!

I did it and I am really happy I did!  I’ll have more details this week but I actually did run 33 miles this weekend! Advertisements

It’s a smoothie kind of day.

In my world, smoothies are not fad diet meal replacements as much as delicious goodness loaded with protein and healthiness consumed through a straw (always through a straw).   I drink them for breakfast. … Continue reading

Happy Wednesday

What do you mean it is ONLY Wednesday?  It feels like Friday of next week.  Suffice to say, I have been busy.  I know, I know.  I’m always busy, you say.  That means… Continue reading

Sweat is Good

Work has been keeping me fairly overwhelmed this week, which has actually been good since I really do need a little distraction from my broken heart.  I haven’t gone out and hit the… Continue reading

Blame it on Tiffany

Damn you, Tiffany.  DAMN YOU.  This is all your fault. Now that I have that out of my system I am very pleased to share the following news: I received my entry confirmation… Continue reading

Dogspeed, Rambo!

The hardest part of sharing our lives with dogs is that they simply do not live long enough.  This weekend, the boy and I said good bye to a very special canine in… Continue reading

What? You wanted a post?

I had plans for a nice little post today but then I got wrapped up in a 14 hour work day which will be followed by frantically loading up the car at midnight… Continue reading

Be One With the Forest

I didn’t sleep well at all last night.  It was hot.  I was sticky with sweat despite the air conditioner going full blast, no covers and wearing only my sports bra and that… Continue reading

The Pasta Coma

I had four miles on the agenda for last night.  It was of course brutally hot but I was determined to get it done.  Since I have successfully managed to eat a healthy… Continue reading

Runner’s High…without the running!

Just in case you didn’t believe me.  It’s full again. See?  Sucks to be you.  Okay, that wasn’t very nice of me-especially since I got in by sheer determination and freakish attention to… Continue reading