I am an athlete (sort of) so track me!

I am a bit of a techno nerd and I kind of dig the whole social network scene (though have yet to fully utilize it to rocket my little blog into super stardom… Continue reading

The Pre Race Cold

Do you see this?  Do you?  DO YOU? That’s right, three days before the start of Run Week 2012 I have a damned cold.  Note I say cold and not something to the… Continue reading

A Slow Fat Bat Out of Hell

Tis I, your friendly neighborhood fat chick runner if by neighborhood you mean on the web.  None the less, here I am.  I bet you thought I forgot you.  Again. I didn’t.  I… Continue reading

Lattes, Hips and Tape, Oh my!

Hi, it’s me!  The chick that didn’t run AT ALL last week.  Did I mention I have a half marathon in 19 days plus I am tackling the Tahoe Trifecta in 24 days? … Continue reading

Souffles, Amputation and Weight Loss

And the weight loss continues.  Apparently there is something to be said for shaking up healthy eating and regular exercise with sugary goodness, long hours in the office and negotiating your way through… Continue reading

Healthful Eating Habits…or something

Last night I had the healthiest of healthy dinners and so I thought I would share it with all of you because you are definitely going to want to try this: 3 fun… Continue reading

The Miracle Worker

I broke myself. Not running. Nope. I broke myself doing yoga. Note:  Do not give into distraction while transitioning between poses.  You might let out a breath and tweak a nerve in your… Continue reading

Things You People Search For

Today I thought I would mix it up and chat technical bloggy stuff such as this week’s top search terms that have led people like you to my little space on the interweb:… Continue reading

The Recovery Strategy

My recovery strategy for this weekend’s 33 mile adventure has been pretty simple: Walk Stretch Yoga Hydrate Eat responsibly Rest Thus far this has gone very well: I walked to and from work… Continue reading

Hello 33, so nice to meet you!

Here is your 33 mile recap:  I ran 33 miles.  The end.  Final Conclusion:  Not only am I now confident about my ability to complete the Trifecta, I looking forward to running 34… Continue reading