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Things You People Search For

Today I thought I would mix it up and chat technical bloggy stuff such as this week’s top search terms that have led people like you to my little space on the interweb:… Continue reading

What? You wanted a post?

I had plans for a nice little post today but then I got wrapped up in a 14 hour work day which will be followed by frantically loading up the car at midnight… Continue reading

My Wicked Weekend

Happy Monday, peeps. Saturday was a perfect day.  It was also hotter than hell.  No really.  It was.  Sunday was actually worse but I’ll get to that. After many, many, many failed attempts… Continue reading

Work. Run. Play. Repeat!

It’s hot.  HOT.  So hot that I am predisposed to evening beer drinking, which now means it is officially time for morning runs.  Considering I slept in until 15 minutes before I had… Continue reading

Weirdest. Drive. Ever.

It has been a week.  Not a bad week, mind you.  Just a week.  I am exhausted.  So very, very exhausted.  But for the most part it is in a good way! Explain… Continue reading

It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone!

This was Penelope 10 days ago. This is Penelope today. Now before you say, “Poor Penelope!” the life ring of shame is actually a good thing.  No, not a good thing.  A fantastic… Continue reading

Cake for Dinner

Yesterday was the boy’s birthday and he put in a special request for a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  In a normal world, one would open a box, add water then, bake,… Continue reading

I am a Nerd. Rejoice in my geekdom!

Depending on where you are, you might have noticed there was a nifty solar eclipse yesterday. You may have also noticed that I have a lot of interest in life…dog sports, running, eating,… Continue reading

It’s Friday: So let’s talk Thursday

It’s Friday!  How fabulous!  How exciting!  Actually, it has been one hell of a day thus far but I am fine with it because I had a pretty awesome Thursday.  This in itself… Continue reading

I bowl in a league and I suck.

Since I had to give up my dream of being an indoor roller derby super star because of stupid things like intense vertigo and seizures and stuff, I had some free time.  Free… Continue reading