Photo Break!

Shhh…Don’t tell. I haven’t uploaded my Garmin from Sunday’s run. I know, I know. You want race reports and I just can’t bring myself to share without the splits-even if those splits show some wicked slow hill action. Bare with me. There will be a race report for Sunday, like tomorrow.

I also have a confession to make: I haven’t taken a pain killer or anti-inflammatory since the headache on Saturday. Why is this important? Well, it’s three days post Race Week 2012 and I am still not sore or stiff. At all. And frankly, it’s not like I didn’t leave it all out there on the course. I did. But apparently all that “running on tired legs” and “getting the miles under your feet” directives from Coach Michael actually paid off. Yes, I am bloated like the Pilsbury Runnergirl and I have gone to bed by 8 pm the last couple nights, but stairs are not the enemy and I’m desperately craving a little foot to asphalt action. I feel a little guilty since more than one of my running companions are still hobbling around. I’m sorry. Honestly, I thought we’d be hobbling together.

Now since I don’t have anything race reporty to give you, how about we enjoy some fun photos of your favorite fat chick running Friday and Saturday, courtesy of Captivating Sports Photography who gave us free downloads of our photos for this event. Awesome, right?

Friday morning, the photographers had this brilliant idea to do some portraits with the Inspiration Point sign.  This seemed pretty fitting to me as it was a chilly Sunday morning in September 2011 when I stood by this very sign getting ready for the 10K and had this totally crazy idea:  I would run the Trifecta next year.

Any guesses what I was thinking at the sign this year?  That’s right:  Next year I’ll run the Triple Marathon.  Mostly because I want one of those super cool Tahoe Triple singlets.  It’s all about fashion, don’t you know.

Next, let me introduce you to my buddy Washington Keith.

Thanks for the miles, Washington Keith!

And just in case you didn’t believe me about the shotgun start on Friday (and Sunday), here you go:

And yes, that guy is barefoot.  And yes, he completed all three marathons.  He is a beast!

That’s me in the lower left hand corner with my well stocked Camelback.  Go runners, go!

Next up…Run, Fat Chick, RUN!

And of course, Saturday wouldn’t be complete without me indicating that this was the SECOND half marathon of my weekend.