Lattes, Hips and Tape, Oh my!

Doesn’t this look delicious? Thanks, Starbucks, for this fabulous image that makes me so hungry. Damn you. But that pumpkin spice latte was amazing!

Hi, it’s me!  The chick that didn’t run AT ALL last week.  Did I mention I have a half marathon in 19 days plus I am tackling the Tahoe Trifecta in 24 days?  Oh yeah, and there is this marathon 89 days from today too.  I was sipping the first pumpkin spice latte of the season (hell to the yeah, caffeine loving peeps!) this morning when this stunning realization hit me.

I didn’t run last week not for lack of trying.  I was injured.  Even more terrifying with Race Week 2012 looming in just 3 short weeks.  But between my visit to the Miracle Worker, KT tape and near constant walking I have good news:  I am almost 100%.  I can now step laterally without horrific pain and can manage inclines and declines without any type of twinge in my hip.  Yoga injury resolved.  Woot!  The stiffness in my ankle is all but gone but because it will be taped for another day or two, I’m going to call it 98%.  An unintended consequence of all this stretching and massage and rest and walking has been that my stride feels lighter and longer.  This is good.  Very good!

My hope is that tomorrow I have a nice little running report to share.  Let’s hope it is boring and very uneventful.  Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday (despite the fact that I have been working for nine days straight).