Things You People Search For

Today I thought I would mix it up and chat technical bloggy stuff such as this week’s top search terms that have led people like you to my little space on the interweb:

  • slow fat runners
  • santa barbara flyball
  • color me rad kaia
  • fat nutella chick
  • can i do zumba with menieres disease
  • how 2 prevent pus filled pimples

Well, that certainly makes perfect sense now doesn’t it?  The great news is that for those of you seeking any or all of the above, I do believe I may be of some assistance:

If you were looking for “slow fat runners,” look no further as you have found one.  Welcome!

I am both fat and slow, but I just ran 33 miles which I think qualifies me as a fat slow runner.

If you are looking for “Santa Barbara flyball,” assuming you want the dog sport, please visit my friends at Santa Barbara Supersonic.  Not only are they are great people, their team colors are so fantastic I often wear them on my runs.

And this cute dog leaping over the jump? He is my grandchild.

If you were looking for “Color Me Rad Kaia,” might I offer the following:

Color Me Rad the race can be found here:

Kaia FIT can be found here:

Nikki and I are Kaia junkies.

Both are wonderful and I highly recommend them, especially Kaia.  I can’t wait to start back up in December after CIM with Nikki!

If you were looking for “fat nutella chick,” I am not exactly sure where to direct you as I have no idea exactly what you are looking for however you are more than welcome to stay here as I am fat, I am a chick and I do love my Nutella.  Sure, it does nothing for my running but it tastes ever so good on a whole wheat bagel with almond butter before long runs.


If you were looking for “can I do Zumba with Menieres disease,” the answer is an emphatic YES YOU CAN.  Just mind yourself on the turns and drink plenty of water.  Side note:  This advice is also good for those of you without Menieres.  No one wants your hot, sweaty and uncoordinated body smashing into their equally hot, sweaty and uncoordinated body.

Yeah, the tagline is a little lame but considering I did actually lose 13″ off my ass shaking it 3-4 times a week in Zumba, it’s actually pretty accurate. Love me some Zumba.

If you were looking for “how 2 prevent pus filled pimples,” EWWW.  You might want to talk to your dermatologist about that.

No image necessary.  PLEASE!

And so concludes this episode of, “What search terms brought you here.”