Blame it on Tiffany

Damn you, Tiffany.  DAMN YOU.  This is all your fault.

Now that I have that out of my system I am very pleased to share the following news:

I received my entry confirmation for the California International Marathon.

Okay, seriously? I just entered a marathon with enthusiasm?

That’s right.  I entered a marathon.  My most despised distance.  And I entered it with enthusiasm.

As I plunked down my credit card this morning for my entry I was surprised by how little (as in NONE whatsoever) trepidation I felt.  By all accounts I should be worrying about training plans and mileage and blah, blah, blah and yet I am not.

I must be getting used to all this extra mileage.  Since I have long since come to grips with the Trifecta is my stepping stone to a 50K, apparently 26.2 miles sounds like a fun jaunt through Sacramento with a few thousand of my new closest friends.  And a couple dozen of my regular offenders at RRF.

I can also blame Tiffany at Drink, Run, Yoga for every so nonchalantly tossing CIM out there last week.    I caught myself saying, “That sounds like so much fun!”  And thus, I entered a marathon and dammit, it will be fun!  I predict a lot of beer and wine afterwards.

Now onto other things I can most certainly blame Tiffany for:  a bright and shiny Insanity Workout DVD collection that should be arriving in the next few days.  Dammit.

Here is the deal:  I have never particularly been one for the whole fad video work out thing.  I am also automatically 100% less likely to buy something if it is on an infomercial given my natural propensity toward skepticism.  But then there was Zumba.  I must have watched those ridiculously sweaty infomercials a thousand times.

I never did buy the DVD but it did inspire me to find a local class and give it a try. I was hooked.  I am still hooked.

Yeah, the tagline is a little lame but considering I did actually lose 13″ off my ass shaking it 3-4 times a week in Zumba, it’s actually pretty accurate. Love me some Zumba.

I LOVE my Zumba.

You want me to jump how high while doing a squat?

I have dutifully ignored the Insanity Workout infomercials as well as the endless posts on MyFitnessPal where meticulously track all my calories.  When friends started chatting about it and seemed to genuinely enjoy it, my curiosity was piqued.  When they actually stuck with it, I decided to look into it.  It reminded me of those scary 4 am boot camp workouts with the Kaia girls I love so much.  The only problem with Kaia was the schedule.

I have already learned using the “Fitness on Demand” option at my gym that I can keep myself motivated and work hard through a video work out.  In fact, I really like the flexibility of doing kick boxing at 1 am in the morning.  Still, I didn’t give in to Insanity.  And then freaking Tiffany had to espouse all the pain and suffering she was enduring working through the series and it sounded absolutely amazing and right up my alley.  My birthday is next week so I decided to get myself a little present in the form of what I can only assume are ass kicking torturous workouts that I am totally going to love any time of day or night.  You can look forward to hearing about how that goes.

So, Tiffany…any other brilliant ideas you would like to put in my head?  Skydiving?  Base jumping?  Because apparently I am totally game!  Maybe I have one for you:  Tahoe Triple in 2013?  Sound like fun?  Oh you know you want to…  And then we can chase it down with the AR50 in 2014.  Cardiac Hill after 45 miles?  Pure awesomeness, right?

Okay, I don’t blame Tiffany at all.  In fact, I have to thank her for the inspiration!  Thank you, Tiffany!  Now, let’s go kick some asphalt!