What? You wanted a post?

Starbucks, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be making it through this day!

I had plans for a nice little post today but then I got wrapped up in a 14 hour work day which will be followed by frantically loading up the car at midnight and driving the dogs and myself 3.5 hours to meet up with the team.

Clearly, I did not run today but as a bonus in my suit wearing world I am sporting my Brooks under my desk with capris and a polo.  It is a little like heaven except what it really means is I will be running my ass off all over this place.  I already have.  Only 7 hours left.  I probably go grab my dinner here pretty quick since once I am out on the street there is no telling when I will be allowed back in the building.

Did I mention it is 103 degrees?

I don’t mind the long work day but I am NOT looking forward to the drive.  But wish me luck at the flyball tournament.  Actually, wish Penelope luck at the tournament.  She should finish her ONYX this weekend.  Oh?  Did I not mention that after cancer surgery in May she has come back to compete with a vengeance?  Three months later and you would never have known she was sick.  She is one tough old lady!
Have a good weekend.  Drink extra caffeine and run a few extra miles for me please!

Penelope Anne