The Pasta Coma

I had four miles on the agenda for last night.  It was of course brutally hot but I was determined to get it done.  Since I have successfully managed to eat a healthy dinner and then make it out for a perfectly well rounded run in moderately warm temperatures after 7:30 in the evening the last few weeks, I set about making a delicious dinner.  Yum.  Pasta!

Check out this week’s forecast? That is HOT, people! VERY HOT!

Unfortunately, I put myself into some sort of pasta coma and since it was still over 90 at 7:30 I decided to go to the gym.  I then promptly fell asleep on the couch watching beach volleyball.  The boy even made a surprising effort to go entice me into getting my work out in by offering to go with me.  Really, it’s not that he thinks I need to go to the gym, it’s more that he doesn’t want to wake up to Angry Liz the next morning who is busy beating herself up for not getting a planned workout in.  Yeah, I admit it.  It happens.  But by the time he made the offer, I was having a little twitchy Meniere’s related incident and decided that no, I would just re-enter my pasta coma and deal with my workout in the morning.

Since I was unconscious fell asleep by 7:30 in the evening, I woke up bright and early and ready to go.  Despite the evening’s heat, it was lovely mild morning at a whopping 69 degrees.   I got the dogs fed and situated, laced up my shoes, plugged into my favorite morning show and trotted out the door with the intention of putting in four good miles.

They weren’t just good.  They were consistent.  One of the things I have really prided myself on is my consistency.  The last few weeks, however, have been anything but consistent (unless you count consistently slow?).

I have to be honest.  This wasn’t by accident.  I have been so frustrated that I decided that on these short runs, I need to really work on maintaining my pace.

I have always taken my innate consistency for granted.  It was never an issue.  In fact, in high school cross country my complete and utter consistency drove my coach insane-largely because if I had a slow start for some reason, I would just keep going at that pace regardless of what was happening around me.  Slow and steady wins the race, man.  Well, not really.  But I did earn a lot of team points because I didn’t burn out like a lot of the other back of the pack point runners so there you go.

In reviewing my training log for the last few weeks, I decided that if I wasn’t necessarily going to get faster in the very near future, I should focus my efforts on regaining that consistency.  And so I did just that.

This is what my actual pace looked like. The funky spikes occur at stop lights. But overall you get the idea.

It’s not like I watched my watch as much as I found a comfortable rhythm and made a conscious effort to maintain that rhythm despite obstacles both physical (bushes on the sidewalk, dogs trying to slam through fences, six different basketballs in the bike lane…you get the idea) or mental (that overwhelming desire to just walk that itty bitty little tiny hill to Boise because I will without question be walking the Hill from Hell in the Trifecta).

The result was this:

This makes me happy!

Yup.  Consistent.  And interestingly enough, significantly faster than where I have been and yet I was completely comfortable the entire run.  I think I see some sort of connection there…hmmm…

I did decide a few things on my run this morning:

  • I like this new route around the house.
  • I am having a non-fat iced chai latte as a…recovery drink.  Yeah, that’s it.
  • I like running in the mornings this time of year, no matter what I say about sleep.
  • I like my new shoes.
  • I am looking forward to cross training tonight.

In a complete moment of panic this morning, I also checked in to confirm my entry for the Trifecta.  Ahhh…sweet confirmation of my death sentence.  It makes me feel so calm, so happy.

I feel so confirmed!  And is there a crawling option for Sunday?

Have I mentioned there were only 22 entries last year?  Did I further mention that only 20 actually completed the Trifecta?  Check it out.

Granted it was the first year so I am hoping to be joined by at least a few other hearty souls who heard of the Trifecta while running some other more reasonable event (like the Sunday 10K) because the idea of picking up my bibs (plural) with the Triple (3 marathons, 3 days – there were 73 last year) and Super Triple (3 marathons back to back, only 5 but I run in the same group as the guy who won and he is a freaking gazelle) guys and girls is more than a little intimidating.  But at least I have my entry confirmation which clearly states that I am running three half marathons in three days.

And just in case you needed to know…

46 days until the Half Moon Bay Half Marathon
51 days until the Tahoe Trifecta