Runner’s High…without the running!

Just in case you didn’t believe me.  It’s full again.

See?  Sucks to be you.  Okay, that wasn’t very nice of me-especially since I got in by sheer determination and freakish attention to @halfmoonbaim.  Attention, cyberstalking…whatever.  And just so you are clear:  I MADE IT IN!

I’m sure all of you have noticed by now that I seem unnaturally excited for this particularly race.  Here is why:  I grew up there.  I love it there.  The course is on many of the beloved paths of my youth.  It’s a little nostalgia.  It’s a little fog covered ocean loving fiendishness.  It’s a little “oh my god running at sea level!” after training at 5,000’-6,000’.  It’s a little visiting with old friends.  That means you, Salami!  I just plain love it there.  Plus I am staying in a fabulous hotel where I can literally walk to the start line.  That is pretty kick ass in its own right.

In fact, I am so excited about this race that even though I haven’t run it yet I’ve already decided to run the marathon in 2013.  I had to decide now because the instant entries are open I’ll be putting in that entry so as to prevent the drama of trying to enter it three months before race day (no joke, I started this hellish process weeks ago).

This is where I will be staying:

Oh Beach House, how I love thee!

And just so we are clear, Sunday night after the race I will be recreating this happy moment from the boy’s 30th birthday weekend (3 years and 80 lbs ago):

Well, not exactly that moment unless someone wants to donate a 1998 Silver Oak Cab Sauv.  But I will certainly be enjoying the most amazing pizza ever with a bottle of wine in front of that same fireplace.  Except instead of jeans, I’m sure I’ll be wearing compression socks.  Pink?  Or perhaps argyle?

Before you ask, no I didn’t run yesterday.  It was the last night of the summer bowling league.  We took third overall which means we received prize money which we promptly spent on pitchers of beer.

We actually won more than this but SOMEONE had already cleared their winnings. Oh, and then we won more for the sweeper round. It was fun!

This does mean, however, that I am saying goodbye to my pretty purple house ball.

Mine is the purple on in the middle of the top row. She’s been a good ball.

Dear House Ball #1267,

It has been a great season!  You helped me increase my average from 68 to 98.  I will miss you terribly, but it has been decided that I should have a ball of my very own.  Her name is Bethany.  I hope she treats me as well as you did!

Love, Liz