15 Miles and a Surprise Entry

Fifteen miles…

Rawr!  RAAAWR!

That’s right.  I am bad ass.

Actually, I’m not but I play a bad ass on tv.

That’s not even true.

I don’t actually care because I feel absolutely amazing.


For all my self-deprecating and incessant whining on Friday, I went and had myself a pretty awesome weekend.

Case in point:  After begging, pleading, cajoling and hinting that perhaps I might know someone who might know someone who could take care of this “problem” mysteriously miraculously a few more precious spots were opened on Saturday for the Half Moon Bay half marathon and for once I made it all the way through my payment confirmation without getting the red screen of death that oh so politely informs you that while you are filling out their entry form for the hundredth time, the half marathon has filled…again.  That’s right, I’m going to Half Moon Bay, baby!

I feel elated.  I feel excited.  I feel…like RUNNING.

Bolstered by this success and in my best impersonation of Forrest Gump, I set out to log all my Sunday miles with enthusiasm.  It wasn’t perfect.  It wasn’t fast.  But it all got done and most importantly, I woke up this morning with not only that annoying infectious enthusiasm of one who has completed a challenging goal but without so much as a hint of sore muscles to be found.

Here’s the run down (har har):

I had 15 miles on the schedule, but had already planned to break it up into two runs so I could run 10-12 miles with Dianne.  Long runs are always so much better with company!

Dianne and I met up at 7:15 AM and headed out.  We had debated heading out at 6:30.  We should have because by the time we hit mile 10, we were drenched in sweat, miserably hot and the heat in the air threatened to collapse our lungs.  It is the kind of heat that drives you indoors to let’s say an amazing local coffee shop for lattes and breakfast.

It’s the human round-a-bout!

Still, we put in 10 solid miles.  A couple were slower than expected when we hit the hill of death not once but twice while looping part of the course.  The single track trail wasn’t actually particularly steep, but the footing was tough, we were in direct sunlight and both times we hit a certain point and said something to the effect of, “Screw it.  We’re walking this freaking hill.”  Of course, there were also special “Liz moments” where I made a wrong turn and we ended up doing a loop when we hadn’t intended to.  It worked out just fine, however, as we opted out of a small section in a residential subdivision.  Regardless, ten miles is ten miles.

And to all our fellow patrons at Walden’s, you are welcome for our sweaty awesomeness.  Actually, the clientele of Walden’s on a Sunday morning typically consists of half sweaty runners/walkers/hikers/cyclists who have just completed their work out and half clean and pristine folks who are catching a meal before heading out to get sweaty.  Okay, there might have been a couple random people just trying to have a little coffee and read the newspaper, but they were entirely undisturbed by all the breathless ordering, relentless use of menus as fans and of course, peeling sweat layered articles of clothing off in order to better access the joyful waves of cool air from the a/c.  I heart Walden’s.

Bonus points for serving my delicious and frothy iced chai latte in a beer glass.

Dianne and I sat and chatted, enjoying our lattes and delicious well earned breakfasts (I had a spinach tortilla filled with eggs and varying vegetables.  YUM!) and after awhile, we walked back to our meeting place to carry on with the rest of our day.

I got home, took a nice cold shower and took up residence on the couch, finishing my iced chai latte while wearing argyle compression socks and watching Olympic volley ball with the boy.  It was so hot outside, there was simply nothing else to be done but just sit.

Feeling equal parts rested and restless, I trotted over to the gym after awhile to both watch the women’s marathon and get a little between run work out in.  No, I am not addicted to exercise.  Because I wouldn’t be heading out to get my last five miles in until later in the evening, I hit the gym to keep everything sort of warmed up and stretched out.  My work out wasn’t terribly excessive:  I alternated between cycling and the elliptical, spent a good 15-20 minutes really stretching and lifted some weights for good measure (mostly because I wanted to catch more of the women’s marathon before heading home where a Chicaco Cubs game would invariably have taken over the tv).

Let me pause for a second to say this:  I was feeling pretty bad ass when I got to the gym but watching the women’s marathon made me feel less bad ass while simultaneously inspiring me to work hard and stop my whining.  Seriously, these women are freaking amazing.  AMAZING.

Moving on…I came home to learn the garbage disposal was potentially broken and of course immediately set about repairing it.  I have some mad skills in home repair thanks to a three year stint working at a small town hardware store in high school.  The boy was, of course, a little awed by my stellar use of an allen wrench.  Of course, it could be because I walked into the house drenched in sweat and without missing a beat, turned off the Cubs game, turned on the marathon, grabbed my wrenches and set about torquing the disposal into submission.

I ate a delicious dinner of the now infamous arugula pasta with a hefty salad comprised of all veggies acquired either from my own garden or from local growers (that always makes me happy) and topped with some not so local but ever so tasty gorgonzola cheese.

And then I waited.  And waited a little more.  And then some more.  And then finally the temperature came down to around 80 and I suited up and headed out the door for my final five miles.  They were not fast miles but they were actually very strong miles and they felt great.

Now, one would think that after all this activity I would be all burned out and painfully sore this morning.  I am neither.  I woke up at 5 am ready to rock.  I’m not kidding.  I was practically bouncing off the walls with productivity and when I realized I still had time, I even tried out a new recipe for cinnamon toast pancakes.  I do have one itsy bitsy teeny tiny little blister on a random toe that is causing a miniscule amount of aggravation but other than that, I feel loose and comfortable.

I think this means I didn’t quite try hard enough.  Let’s work on that, shall we?

By the way…this is what all that work out translates too on My Fitness Pal (with the use of an actual HRM, which is Heart Rate Monitor for all you folks that hate acronyms).  And yes, I did have that Lime-a-rita post work out.  It was delicious.