Pus Filled Blisters and Pancakes

I think the title says it all, but just in case you need me to elaborate below the is the tale of my very odd work out last night:

First, I ran (loped-it was after all 98) over to the gym eating watermelon flavored sport beans and pondering strategies for whipping up a delicious and nutritious fried rice using only ingredients on hand.  I both love and hate to work out in the evenings.  I love it because it means I get to sleep in the morning. I hate it because I lose social time with others and because inevitably all I can think about is dinner.

I hopped on the elliptical and for thirty minutes in an effort to avoid the topic of sautéed chickpeas, garlic and assorted farm fresh vegetables, I attempted to immerse myself in what until that thirty minutes had been a very delightful audiobook about a fellow walking his way across England to visit a dying friend.  For the first twenty minutes of my sweat inducing elliptical treading madness I was treated the graphic details of a calf muscle injury, blisters filled with pus requiring needles to drain and the artful application of duct tape.  Did I mention my feet still hurt from Sunday’s run and this was perhaps a little too relatable?

My actual heart rate chart from last night. As you can see, I was quite concerned about pus filled blisters and ruptured calf muscles.

I literally had to get off the elliptical every ten minutes to stretch out as I could almost feel the narrator’s pains in my own calves and feet.  It’s not like I was powering down the asphalt of city streets.  No, I was on the low impact elliptical.  The good news is that not once did I even remotely think about dinner.  Score one for pus filled blisters.

After my time on the elliptical, I ran a couple miles on the treadmill whereupon I was suddenly overtaken by the idea that I would very much like to have pancakes for dinner.  Good old fashioned fluffy pancakes topped with a dollop of local honey.

You know, exactly the same thing I had for breakfast that morning?

Clearly I was not the only one who had the brilliant idea of pancakes for dinner.

They were just so golden and delicious, with that nice crisp on the outside and light fluffiness on the inside.  I had consumed mine with a dollop of local honey which somehow made them even more delicious.

As I cooled down and subjected myself to a plank or four before departing the air conditioned bliss of the gym, I found myself thinking of nothing but pancakes.

It was clearly time to eat.  I ran (no, really ran) home from the gym, walked in the door, turned to the boy and said, “Screw fried rice.  I’m making pancakes.”

He didn’t object.  Apparently he had been having the same thought.  Pancakes are delicious.  And while I had an avocado omelet garnished with avocado and served with a side of avocado for breakfast, there is a very real possibility I will be having pancakes again tonight.

By the way, that book I am enjoying so much is The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce.  It is really very good!  And while I have long since forgotten where I obtained this recipe, here is my super easy and delicious pancake recipe for two:

  • 1.5 cups of flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1.25 cups of skim milk (to offset the melted butter)
  • 3 tbs melted butter (to offset the skim milk)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tbs sugar
  • 3.5 tsp baking powder

Instructions:  Mix.  Cook.  Devour.

Oh and so far I love my Brooks.  Of course, we’ll see how they do on tonight’s hellish urban run.