Scootering Awesomeness

I’m so excited!  I just can’t hide it!  It’s like a scene out of “Flash Dance” except without leg warmers.  Of course, if I had leg warmers I would so wear them.  No leotard though.  No one needs to see that.

Why am I so excited you ask?  Let me tell you:

My brand new bright and shiny electric blue Diggler Scooter arrives today!


Now before you think I have completely lost my mind, let me explain why I am excited.

For many years, my dogs and I have enjoyed varying forms of dog powered sports.  One of our favorite activities for conditioning and flat out fun is bikejoring.  Think a terrier sled dog team hooked to a mountain bike, running for miles on end reaching speeds in excess of 18 MPH.  Bikejoring is an excellent way of keeping athletic canines in shape.  I get plenty of exercise too as I pedal along behind them and do most of the work on inclines.  It is pretty awesome.

Here are a few of the dogs waaay back in 2005 out for a nice long run. This photo was taken from the handlebars of bike #3.  See the cattle dog looking boy in front?  He is the one that threw me into the fence so many, many times.

It can also be pretty scary-like the time (okay six times) the cattle dog completely ignored my On By (which translates too “leave it, dammit!  No! I said leave it!  Oh god, I’m going in the ditch!”) command and threw me into a fence so he could herd/stare down cattle in a field.  I have trashed eight bikes in as many years.  In fact, my propensity for mountain bike destruction has led to the belief that my house is where old mountain bikes come to die.

During a 12 month period, I went through five bikes.  That 12 month period happened to coincide directly with the worst period of Meniere’s symptoms to date.  As it turns out, you have to have some semblance of balance in order to ride a two wheel mountain bike, let alone a two wheel mountain bike with three amped up dogs pulling it.  I lacked that balance.  There was a lot of vertigo and a lot of randomly falling over into ditches.

Here I am in 2006 out in the desert with three terriers after a nice long run.

I cut back to two dogs at a time.  Then one.  I grew tired of road rash so I finally just had to start running them attached to my waist belt.  Just so you know, going from running at full speed for miles to loping along at a 12:30 minute mile pace while I mumble things like, “Easy!” or “Slow down!” is not the same in the eyes of the dogs.  Not by a long shot.

I toyed with a few ideas: a trike (um, no), roller skates (I love my skates but my propensity for face to concrete without dogs remains high), skateboard (Back in the day I used to be decent on a skateboard, until I hit a telephone pole)…  And then it hit me…  A scooter.

Not a dinky Razor or a nifty Vespa (though I still hold out hope for one in aqua), but an actual grown up woman scooter with all terrain tires and breaks where I could even use one or both feet to stabilize myself.

And in what may consistute the fastest order processing and delivery time ever, my Diggler (I giggle every time I say the name!) arrives today.

Seriously, look how fast it is getting here!  Thanks, UPS!

This of course means I will be racing home from work as quick as I can in hopes of harnessing up London and Crush for a nice long work out.

Dear London & Crush – Let’s go for a run, shall we?

Because I know I am apt to be like a kid on Christmas, I took several steps this morning to minimize the time between arrival home and hitting the road:

Charge, Garmin! Charge!

  • Put the Garmin on the charger.
  • Laid out my ganglines and harnesses.
  • Laid out my running clothes.  And my derby helmet.
  • Loaded the equipment bag with water, bowls and snacks for hard working dogs.
  • Inspected the first aid kit because there is a high probability I’m going down.
  • Put in my 3 mile run this morning so I wouldn’t “forget” to do it tonight.

This is Niles. At thirteen, he is way passed the age of urban mushing but he enjoyed a nice easy three mile run with me this morning.

I am even taking a few minutes to figure out how to switch from running to cycling on my Garmin because how awesome is it going to be to have actual pace and mileage measurements?  Plus I am curious to see if I get any sort of measurable and/or meaningful calorie burn.

Dear boy…Please assemble as soon as it arrives.  Thank you!