My Wicked Weekend

Happy Monday, peeps.

Saturday was a perfect day.  It was also hotter than hell.  No really.  It was.  Sunday was actually worse but I’ll get to that.

After many, many, many failed attempts I finally had the opportunity to see “Wicked!”  We have had these tickets forever and on Saturday it was at long last show time!

I have to give myself a pat on the back for being smart enough to rent a nifty little car with amazing air conditioning for the 2.5 hour drive to Sacramento to see it.  I drive a big truck (not as big as the boy would like but it is huge none the less) that rarely if ever fits in any form of parking garage and given its tendency toward being coated in dust and dog hair from our many, many miles of traveling valet attendants are both terrified to drive it based on sheer size and general disdain for such a vehicle.  Thus, it made sense to spend $24 (seriously) to rent a car.  Not just any car, mind you, a car with spectacular air conditioning.


This was particularly important since the truck’s air conditioning can be iffy at best and it was, get this, 104 degrees at only 11 am.  It only got hotter from there so the little pristine silver 2012 Chevy Impala with polar strength air conditioning was amazing.

Do you get the idea that I despise the heat?  I think I have made those feelings abundantly clear.  But back to the perfect day.

We arrived in Sacramento nice and early, found a convenient parking spot and made our way to an old favorite for a tasty lunch of dim sum.

We had a lovely quiet window table where we took great job in watching what could have easily been an episode of “Parking Wars” occur right across the street.

Dear convertible driver:  It is perhaps not the best idea to yell and scream and jump up and down at the parking enforcer because said parking enforcer can easily call the police.  They seemed all too happy to give you an additional citation for what I can only imagine is disorderly conduct.

Anyway, after a lovely lunch we meandered a few blocks down to the theater.  Everything went so smoothly getting in:  no line at will call, our tickets were waiting, and in less than five minutes I had obtained the requisite cheesy photo of me in front of the official “Wicked” sign and had a glass of wine in my hand.

I am much more excited than the photo shows.

I don’t normally souvenir shop (the boy was pulled out of line and questioned extensively by customs for bringing less than $100 in stuff back from three weeks in Europe this past summer-seriously, not bit souvenir folks) but they had such pretty and sparkly Wicked-emerald green Ozdust Botique I had to get some swag.  I got a t-shirt (for running or something), a fridge magnet (because this is the one weird thing we always get) and one of those souvenir shopping bags.  Purchasing a shirt, however, did not go as smoothly as making it into the theater as the 2XL male sales guy was quite insistent that the cute gray “Defying Gravity” tee I wanted that is slim fit and borderline junior sized would not fit ME.

Want one? Get it here:
Ass hats need not apply.

Okay, I get that the shirt is described on the site as follows:

“Please note that these are Junior sizes. This shirt is designed to fit a woman with a small build. Please order accordingly. We recommend purchasing a size larger than you normally wear.”

But despite my build, ample bosom and stature I have several similar shirts in an XL that fit JUST FINE, thank you very much.  I had already seen the XL paraded in front of women while in line.  It was surprisingly roomy for the type of shirt.  He didn’t believe me.  In the end, however, he caved and gave me my damned XL while he begrudgingly said that if it didn’t fit he would exchange it for a men’s shirt.

Screw you, ass hat.

My next stop was the restroom where I confirmed what I already knew.  The shirt fits GREAT.  It will look fabulous while I am contorting myself in yoga or tearing up the miles on the trail.

Ass hat.

I did not, however, let the Ozdust Boutique incident get to me.  Nope.  We were having too much fun!  We had another cocktail, scurried to our fantastic seats (thank you, Boy!) and enjoyed a FABULOUS performance.  I have always loved the music.  I’ve even read the book (which some viewers may find disturbing).  The show was incredible, just incredible.  Even more incredible, I used my fantastic agility and speed to vault over five women, up a flight of stairs and made it into the first stall of the restroom FIRST during intermission.  I think I deserve a medal for that.

Actually, I deserved a cupcake.

It was absolutely delicious, even if it meant walking (okay sprinting) fifteen feet from the car to the store in 110 degree weather.   A cupcake drive through would have been great.  Let’s get on that, people.

Anyway, back to “Wicked.”  If you haven’t seen “Wicked” you have to see it.  I don’t even care if you hate musical theater or the “Wizard of Oz” (which, gasp, I have never been a fan of), just do yourself a favor and see it.  I loved every minute of it.  Even better, the boy was absolutely enraptured by the entire show and couldn’t stop talking about it on the way home.  It was that good!

After the show we started to head home, making brief stops for caffeine and cupcakes (two separate locations).  But we really weren’t ready to go home.  So we got this hair brained idea to have dinner in Tahoe.

For those not familiar with the region, it is about a 2 hour drive from Reno to Sacramento.  It is about a two hour drive from Sacramento to Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe.  It is then about an hour from Kings Beach to Reno.   So pretty much we were driving an hour out of our way to have dinner on the lake.

But if this was your view, wouldn’t you want to eat dinner here too?

It was absolutely wonderful.  We ate at Jason’s.  Despite being completely booked, the managed to sits us at a nice table on the patio with a fantastic view of the lake.

John Daly, Giant Newcastle and Lake Tahoe – PERFECT!

The drinks were fabulous.

The food was fabulous.

The sunset on the lake was fabulous.

So yeah, it was fabulous.

I did get kayak envy while I was at Tahoe. We are spending a few days at Donner Lake for Fourth of July. I need a kayak. I love to kayak. Look how pretty these kayaks are!

Finally, we made our way back home to find the dogs all completely passed out after a fun day with their Auntie Beckie (thanks, Beckie!).

It was the perfect end to the perfect day.

Feeling all refreshed and wonderful, I woke up yesterday with every intention of running ten miles.  The problem is, I slept in until 9 am (which is scary late for me) and when I walked out the front door, the heat was so thick, I literally fell off the first step in a fit of vertigo.  I should mention that I don’t just hate the heat, but the heat apparently hates me because I am prone to sudden and violent bursts of vertigo in excessive heat.

So of course, I decided to screw the run, load up all the dogs in the truck and head out to the dock where I spent all afternoon jumping dogs and swimming.   There are no photos.  Nope.  I just tried to stay cool!

I had every intention of running on the treadmill at the gym after we got home but after spending 6 hours swimming around, I was fairly well spent.  Instead, I enjoyed a dinner of buffalo tofu nuggets, gold fish crackers and grape flavored Gatorade.  I felt a little like an eight year old, if eight year olds watch “Bridezillas” and “Ice Road Truckers.”

My perfect day on Saturday stretched into Sunday for what I can only call the perfect weekend.  Except for the not running part.  That part bothers me.  Treadmill, I hear you calling.