There is no long run, only miles…

I had a thought this morning while I was busily chowing down on my favorite breakfast concoction of four hard boiled eggs mashed with a little melted Brummel & Brown:  Can I really call Tuesday’s run a long run if I am doing it again tonight and chasing it with a six miler tomorrow?  Probably not.  Maybe I need to downgrade it.  Eh.  Too much work.  I’d rather focus on actually putting together 8 more quality miles tonight with a 6 mile chaser tomorrow.

In physically and, more importantly, mentally preparing myself for the Trifecta I have three week cycle:

Week 1:  Alternating days of run with a long run
Week 2:  Alternating days of run with a long run followed by a longish run
Week 3:  Multi-day sequence of moderate runs, break, long run

Repeat, building mileage with each cycle.

It worked really well for me in the fall before I became ill and over the last few weeks I have steadily worked back into it.  I am currently on a Week 2.  I am at a point where mentally, I get a charge out of that long run followed by the longish run.  I mean, who looks forward to spending a good portion of their Friday night pounding the pavement just so they can do it again on Saturday?

Me.  That’s who.

In fact, I have been obsessing about it all morning.  There really isn’t a lot to think about.  It’s running.  I just have to put one foot in front of another and try not to get run over by cars in this urban landscape.  But still, I keep running through the route in my mind over and over.  I can visualize that half way point very clearly.  Heaven help anyone who gets in my way at 5 PM because you can guarantee I will be bolting home just as quickly as I can because I can hardly wait to get started.  I just want to RUN.

That is a good feeling.  A very good feeling.  I’ve missed that feeling the last couple months.