My Day in Photos

It has been a day, a long, productive day.  And since I am so exhausted from all this productivity, let’s explore my day through pictures, shall we?

I washed dog bowls…  There are a lot of them.  The boy and I kept finding them everywhere:  under the couch, under the seat in the truck, in the laundry.  No wonder I thought I needed to buy more.  They were all in hiding!   (There is a ratio of 4 bowls to 1 dog around here apparently.)

Then I worked.  I am a desk jockey so there are no really interesting photos of all that.  You will just have to believe me when I say I was really productive.  SUPER productive, even.  And after a long day I raced home because…

One of our “kids” (meaning a junior handler we work with) and her family are off to Washington DC so this little fuzzy bundle of energy came to visit me tonight.  Say hi, Scamp!

Scamp says hi.  Tonight is also one of my fav farmer’s market so I headed off to pick up a few things.  Unfortunately, it was a bit of a bust tonight.  I did grab some delicious apricots to dehydrate for snacks.

I also grabbed some local greens, onions and squashes but I was really disappointed that there was very little selection.  Where is my eggplant?  My corn?  Later in the season, I suppose…  But there were lots of crowds and THAT is always a good thing for the local economy (says the financial analyst).

After putting away all my delicious produce away, I decided to take Scamp for a quick run to help him settle in.  We made it about a half mile away when all the sirens started.  Sirens were accompanied by flashing lights.

I never did figure out what was going on, but I received a frantic text message from the boy to make sure we were alive.  We were fine.  Scamp did not care about sirens and was a very good running companion.

On the way home, we got stuck at the light.  Again.  I didn’t have to stretch today.  It was only a 5K sort of day.  Your welcome, drivers.

And then Scamp and I ran past a chubby jerk at the bus stop who very cheerily announced to the entire world that I “would look great in about 40 lbs so keep it up!”  Really?  REALLY?  BITE ME.

Once home, I whipped up some Spicy Pumpkin Coconut soup from the Lazy Vegetarian because I am a vegetarian and after a long day I was feeling lazy and frankly quite pissed over the bus stop altercation.  FYI, this is delicious.

I garnished it with a little coconut.  Amazing.  When I am not feeling so lazy I will add tofu and veggies because I swear this wants to become a Thai curry…

Then the boy and I made the mistake of watching Master Chef (okay, that is admittedly what inspired the coconut garnish).  This of course resulted in an interest in dessert.  I don’t normally give in to such interests but hey, I had run and was WAY under the target calorie goal so I said, “Sure!  But only if we walk.”  So we did.

All that cake.  All those calories.  I mean 500-600 calories per slice.  Ugh.  Fortunately, they had something I wanted even more:

I love cream puffs and this was a delicious cream puff.  It was also only 150 calories.  I devoured it without guilt or remorse.  Yeah, that ass hat at the bus stop can seriously bite me.

And then I decided to write all of you and share the complete and under mundane-ness of my day because, well I can.

Don’t worry.  I will be less lazy tomorrow.  I promise.