Sunburns and Sports Bras

I had a great weekend.  It didn’t go exactly as planned but it was great none the less-except for the part where I learned that sunburns and sports bras don’t mix.  At all.

But let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start…).

If I’m not traveling, summer Saturdays are spent exactly one way:  outside in the sun with the team.  To condition ourselves for tournaments or perhaps simply to just escape the heat, we wake up in the wee hours in the morning, load up our vehicles and converge on the practice field just south of town where we will spend three hours fine tuning both canines and humans in the sport of flyball.  And just when we can barely stand the heat a moment more, we re-load all our vehicles and converge on the pool 30 minutes north of town where we will eat lunch and jump dogs until the sun goes down.

It makes for a long day.  A very long day.  But it is also a lot of fun.  We are party animals by nature, if by party animal you mean jumping for joy and doing cheers with half melting red velvet cupcakes when that new dog FINALLY decides to jump off the big 24’ long, 7’ tall dock your family decided to build over the pool for the sole purpose of canine entertainment.

Smokey and I practicing Super Vertical on the dock in June 2011.

No.  I’m not kidding.  My family built the dogs a dock.  They are awesome like that.

Anyway, this was the first official Summer Saturday of the season and by all accounts it was absolutely perfect.  It was hot and it was fabulous.  Unfortunately, in a misguided attempt to even out the tan on my back and shouldres during my six hours pool side, I managed to bring home a fantastically angry sunburn.  You know, the sort of sunburn on your back that makes it so you pretty much have to sleep on your stomach to avoid  screaming in your sleep any time you move?  Yup.  That kind of sunburn.  I also had a Meniere’s meltdown pool side at the end of the day.  Perhaps not so epic as the Tamarack 2010 meltdown which involved projective vomit over the side of the dock during actual competition – but the more mild “Light sparkling on moving water in the heat, let’s try not to fall into the pool and drown” sort.  Don’t worry, team.  You’ll get to see a few more of those but you knew that already.

The combination of sunburn and Meniere’s pretty much incapacitated me which caused the following to occur:

I slept for 12 hours, waking periodically only to adjust damp clothes on my forehead/neck and consume two or three Goldfish Crackers.  I missed my much anticipated 14 mile adventure hike on Sunday while the boy was off in the Bay Area watching his Cubs get smashed by my Giants (Why does he subject himself to such pain?).

But it also resulted in this:

I woke up bright and early to see the boy off (which is code for, the boy woke up the dogs so let’s get a move on).

I then did all of this:

Delicately applied aloe to my sunburn using a series of dish towels since of course the burn is in an area I can’t hope to reach (and of course I was home alone).  I donned a very light tank top with one of those built in bras that really don’t do much at all.  Sorry, dear neighbors, if you saw the girls flopping around like fish out of water.

Then I did all of this:

Washed, dried, folded and put away 8 loads of laundry.  I think this is a record for me.

Cleaned all the living room upholstery (Boy, did you NOT get the text about the furniture still being wet before you sat down to watch baseball highlights on ESPN at midnight?  Seriously?)

Prepared lunches for the week, including Greek salad with orzo, a vegan coconut banana bread (DELISH), and edamame five ways

Cleaned up after myself in the kitchen (This in itself is a miracle)

Trimmed up the houseplants (I had a small jungle going on there)

Gee, Baloo, can you see the microwave at all?!

Tended the urban vegetable farm (I have tons of tomatoes!)

Laid down a multitude of cubic yards of ground cover in the dog run

Napped (and it felt SOOO good)

Watched “Bridezillas” (Can’t.  Look.  Away.)

Seriously, ladies? What is WRONG with you?! 

Swept and vacuumed all the floors (which was totally necessary as cleaning the upholstery actually meant feathers exploded everywhere out of couch cushions)

Played with terriers

See that blur of a tail? Penelope is very happy that she got to run…and she was ever so helpful with all those feathers.

Did Cardio Kickboxing at 100% intensity despite the fact that my back felt like it was being shredded by razor blades, aka my sports bra.  No amount of aloe and Body Glide was fixing that.  Every jab-cross-hook was a miserable reminder of my sunburn fail.  Plus, I only burned 345 calories despite really giving it my all.  Dammit!  I remember when that would have been a 900 calorie burn!  Getting in shape suck.  Okay, it doesn’t suck but seriously there I was sweating like a pig (wait-do pigs actually sweat?) and breathing hard in the gym and all I got was a lousy 345 calorie burn.  Then again, I wasn’t even remotely sore this morning.  So either I didn’t give it a 100% or I need to move on to the advanced class.  That is a scary thought.

And when everything was said and done, I crawled into bed at a perfectly reasonable hour, slept hard, woke up late this morning but felt great.  So I despite the threat of burning razor blades along my back, I once again put on the sports bra so I could get in a quick 20 minute run.

The run went surprisingly well.  I tried a new route in the neighborhood that would keep me off sidewalks (which I swear are trying to kill me with all their sloping driveways and random cracks).  My shoulders and back stung like a bitch the entire time and I can’t tell you how many folks making their daily commute were treated to watching me fuss and fidget with my HRM strap because it was rubbing me the wrong way (and this is the strap that is so comfy I frequently forget I’m wearing it until I go for my post work out shower).  But still, it was a clean run at a good pace even if it was short.

So while the weekend didn’t exactly turn out like I had planned it was great:  I had fun with the dogs and my team.  Sure I lost my Saturday night and missed my hike on Sunday, but I was uber productive and even got a couple quality work outs in.

I enjoyed this lovely blend for breakfast this morning after my run. It was super delicious!

All of this resulted in an absolutely fantastic start to my week because I feel strong, enthusiastic and ready to take on the world!