It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone!

This was Penelope 10 days ago.

This is Penelope today.

Now before you say, “Poor Penelope!” the life ring of shame is actually a good thing.  No, not a good thing.  A fantastic thing.  No really, it is.

Penelope is a hard working, hard hunting terrier.  She has a great sense of humor, loves to share her toys and greets everyone like they are a long lost friend.  She is also the mother to three incredibly talented offspring.  Most of all, she is my best little buddy.

I now call her Franken-Penny.  She had some pretty extensive surgery last week (spay, full mastectomy and partial mastectomy) to remove a few small mammary tumors and reduce the opportunity for future occurrences.  The pathology report came back with great results:  all but one were benign, the one was a ductal carcinoma with clear margins.  In the land of canine breast cancer, this is great news and her long term prognosis is excellent with conservative management.  It doesn’t hurt that she is an exceptionally healthy athlete and we caught it very early.

Other than being a couple nipples short of a Victoria’s Secret runway show, she is can return to her regularly scheduled program already in progress in 14-21 days.  And I don’t mean going for a walk around the block.  Nope.  She’s heading to Santa Barbara to play flyball, going kayaking at Donner Lake then pulling down a few more qualifying scores for the dock jumping nationals.  She also has some schooling to do with her 9 month old daughter.  Let’s not forget training ME for the Tahoe Trifecta.  She will NOT however be chasing plastic bags on a string.  That is beneath her.  Penelope leads a very busy life.   I don’t know where she could have gotten that from…

So of course, like a typical terrier she has absolutely no patience for this whole healing process.  This is likely because she has never actually been ill a day in her long little life.  This morning she actually gave me that high pitched little bitchy snark bark when I headed out the door for my run.   Despite having a few dozen stitches, she is convinced she should be going for a five mile run.  NOW.

Don’t worry, Penny.  The trail will still be there in a couple weeks and you will be enjoying running on it for many more years to come.