Cake for Dinner

Yesterday was the boy’s birthday and he put in a special request for a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  In a normal world, one would open a box, add water then, bake, cool and slather on frosting out of a plastic tub.

In a normal world.  My world is anything but so of course I had to bake a cake from scratch.

Do we all remember the Shrek vomit in a tree stump green velvet cupcake episode from St. Patrick’s Day?  While I am reasonably good with wok, I am a terrible baker.  That is the boy’s area of expertise.

Still, he was excited about a homemade cake, just not one of my uber “healthy” wheat flower Greek yogurt  apple sauce concoctions.  Nope, it had to have full fat, full sugar, full everything.  Whatever.

Here was my idea:  a square (don’t ask) chocolate pudding filled chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting decorated with a couple chocolate dipped strawberries from the garden (my little urban vegetable farm is thriving!).  So after two hours of meticulous measuring, mixing and baking this stunning hot mess was the result:

Yes, I am aware it looks like a five year old made it.

I am aware that it looks like a five year old made it but in the land of baked desserts by Liz this is an exceptional piece of art.  No seriously.  You should have seen the time I attempted to make a six layer cake.  Yeah.  That went well.

A few notes:

  • Ziploc bags are perfectly acceptable substitutes for pastry bags.  Just make sure you don’t squeeze frosting out the back and down your jeans.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to dip cream cheese frosting in chocolate cake batter.  Bonus points if you get the boy to do it too (because it is so yummy).
  • It is perfectly acceptable to have cake for dinner.  And breakfast.  There are only so many calories in a day people.  Only so many calories in a day.
  • It may not be pretty but it was super delicious!  And from what I am told on Facebook (which of course makes it absolutely true), it isn’t how it looks, it is how it tastes.  Most importantly, the boy loved it.

Happy Birthday, boy!

More fun and excitement:

My Road ID arrived last night!  Woot woot!  Look at how shiny and pretty it is!

It is also comfortable, easy to change out bands and pretty much just as fabulous as the ones my fellow runners flash every week.  And how nifty is the little tin it came in?  I love little tins!

I did learn that I wear the size medium band.  I bought bands in both medium AND large in a couple different colors (you know, to color coordinate and such).  Of course, the large fits my ankle nicely but since it conjures up images of being under house arrest, I have decided I would like to give the size large bands to some deserving individual who actually needs them because I love you all.  I have three bands in a size large needing new homes:  black, blue and green.  Any takers?  Comment and we’ll work that whole USPS thing out.

You know you want them. I am happy to give them to you.