On Trials and Running

If I said, “It was hot, dry and dusty” that would describe both the trial yesterday and my run today.  It is officially that time of year again when I practically melt into a red faced pile of goo the instant I walk outside.  Let’s face it:  I don’t do summer.

But I have a lot of ground to cover.

First, I want to jump back to Friday night’s bib pick up.  There is probably nothing more amahzing than being recognized from your blog.  Okay so it’s not like anyone is jumping up and down to get my autograph or anything (yet) but seriously it is really cool to know people are actually reading.  Hi people!  Thanks for reading!  I love you!

Meet my new friend, Susan! Sorry you didn’t get to see me run but than you so very much for being awesome!

Susan, I especially love you for making me feel like a total rock star when I picked up my bib and you asked if I was the Liz from Run, Fat Chick! Run!  Seriously, it was awesome!  No, awesome doesn’t quite capture it:  stupendous.  I hope your boy did well on the run and thank you so much for being so amazing and awesome!!!  Of course, now I feel like a total jack ass because I can’t remember the name of your blog to share!  If you are out there PLEASE PLEASE share!

Now let’s talk terrier.  Carol and I departed Reno at the completely reasonable hour of 4 AM.  The trial went great except for this whole tunnel trappy thing that resulted in only ONE out of FIFTY entries passing the Senior (advanced) test.  That one dog who passed would be my absolutely goofy spaz teenager type terrier Smokey.  He pretty much rocked it and it is a good thing he did because the natives were certainly getting restless as dog after dog failed.  Good boy, Smokey!

Carol with Smokey! I am so proud! Smokey, however, is more interested in the gingersnap cookie I left on the picnic bench to take this photo.

Despite the heat and getting stuck in a piece of discarded fencing (imagine a wire hamster ball with a terrier running through it undeterred and you have it), Comet did fantastic as always.  He brought home the ribbons and a couple new tug toys (always a special bonus in the world of dog sports).

This is Comet with one of his brace mates, Ed. They are both boys and they are both man enough to wear pink.

The problem was it was hot.  Really hot.  And frighteningly enough, not as hot as it could have been.  Even better, the air conditioner went out on the truck on the way home.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  It’s all good, however, because ribbons and tug toys and happy terriers abounded.  It was a very good day.

In fact, it was such a very good day that I arrived home in plenty of time to throw myself on the bed under the ceiling fan and bask in the glory of air conditioning…again.  Best night sleep EVER.

And of course, because I slept so well I woke up this morning ready to rock and roll on the trail.  The trail, however, was not ready to rock and roll with me.
You see, I had decided to put in my five miles at the Marina before it got too hot (because it was already verging on Death Valley hot…alright, I may be exaggerating but it was hot) and unbeknownst to me, there was a race of sorts in progress.  I say of sorts because it catered to kids and had something like ten different activity stations such as sack races, donut eating and hula hooping, along the 1.5 mile loop way.  Plus, it was a pretty small event-which means that other than the “key hole” the Marina was still open to the normal gamut of runners, cyclists, skaters and dock walkers getting our time in before the heat became unbearable.

Limbo! Okay, this was actually pretty cool. Thanks for letting us play.

I logged the first couple miles without incident before the race then suddenly found myself desperately swimming upstream as parents made feeble attempts to keep children from darting in front of bicycles and dogs.  At one point, an angry screaming freckle faced demon child slammed his scooter directly into me after darting from one side of the trail to the other.  I was literally off the pavement, in the direct, up against a cyclone fence while his parents laughed.  Not cool parents.  Not cool.

Of course, there were also great parents like the ones that were teaching a pack of girls of about 9-11 years old to say “On your left!” as they passed.  As a dog trainer and owner, I took the time to thank one dad who was explaining to a very attentive little boy that he should always ask to pet a dog-because it was polite.  (Dear owner of the cocker spaniels involved:  hats off to you for thanking the little boy for asking!  You make dog people look good!)

The event was for a great cause and the staff at each station was actually really cool, like these guys who enthusiastically encouraged a few of we runners to do the limbo.  We did.  We are awesome.  Rock on.

And the great news is that because I got my run in so early, I had my entire day to do stuff-like grocery shopping, dog grooming and wine drinking.  The last is my favorite part.

By the way, it is okay to run in two different colored socks?