It’s Friday: So let’s talk Thursday

Thanks to Howie George for this fun photo of Penelope and I this past Sunday. Penelope and I both had a fantastic time. She is now recovering from major surgery on Wednesday. I am still recovering from seeing my leg jiggle in motion. THIS is why I run in compression shorts, people.

It’s Friday!  How fabulous!  How exciting!  Actually, it has been one hell of a day thus far but I am fine with it because I had a pretty awesome Thursday.  This in itself is exciting because Thursdays are by far my most difficult day of the week.  This Thursday, however, everything went smoothly and I even had time to breathe and enjoy myself:

I slept for 12 hours.  Twelve.  Count them:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.  TWELVE.  This is about as rare in my world as finding a purple unicorn in your living room.  It felt absolutely amazing.

I enjoyed cauliflower quiche.  Quiche, with or without crust, is a very practical meal for me simply because it is easy to make, stores well and can be enjoyed warm or cold.  I love cauliflower and never imagined eating with egg let alone in a quiche with caramelized onion and a touch of Dijon mustard.  But a friend of mine, who is a very picky eater, swore the combination was to die for.  She was absolutely right.  YUM.

I weighed out for the biggest loser challenge at work.  Nine pounds, people.  NINE.  Shall we count those too?  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.  I am actually pretty pleased about that.  Our team, which won the half way point award, did even better.   The five of us lost a combined total of 100 lbs in 8 weeks.  I am so proud of all of them!  The key to our success?  Mutual support, eating like real people and moving.

I signed up for another 6 weeks of biggest loser challenge.  Everyone has had a lot of fun and the results have been fantastic so it isn’t surprising that when HR announced another six weeks we all enthusiastically signed up.  This time, however, I have an actual goal:  Another 10 lbs.    Will I be disappointed if I don’t hit ten?  Not really.  But I’ve gotten a little lazy the last few weeks as I’ve been so busy and the goal is mostly to re-discipline myself a bit especially since I have 39.3 miles looming at the end of the summer.

I ran a few miles.  Nothing exciting.  Just a few run of the mill miles.  I am not looking to set personal bests here, just keep accruing mileage for a couple more weeks.  I am looking forward to my long run on Sunday, however.

I didn’t touch the Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Greek Yogurt…again.  I love froyo.  I love Greek yogurt.  I love Ben & Jerry’s.  So of course I love Ben & Jerry’s new line of frozen Greek yogurt.  But despite the fact that I have a fabulous new pint of the strawberry shortcake variety, I haven’t touched it yet.  This is truly a sign of the times.  Eighteen months ago (count it with me:   1, 2, 3, 4…) that entire pint would have been devoured in one or two sittings.  It certainly wouldn’t have lasted in the freezer for more than a day or two.  And yet, three days later it is still sitting there.  Weird.

I did, however, enjoy my own frozen yogurt smoothie…conveniently packed to work in my reusable Starbucks cup. It was delicious!

I have something for YOU!  Shortly after receiving my recipe for my nifty new Road ID, I received an even nicer coupon to share with friends and since I’ve received good feedback about Road ID, I am sharing it with you.  Here is the deal:  Enter the code ThanksLiz14534732 at check out and you will get $1 of your purchase.  The code can be used up to twenty (want me to count it out?) times in the next thirty days.  Enjoy and identify yourself!