I am clearly feeling the motivation because I bought myself some running gear.

Since my dresser is overflowing with tank tops in every color of the rainbow and a plethora of black and slate gray shorts and pants plus Thorlo Experia socks in only blue and neon green clearly I did not purchase more clothing.  Where would I put it?  Who am I kidding, I would totally find a place for another turquoise tank top.  Love that color.

My dresser, however, can breathe a sigh of relief.  No clothes.  Just a Road ID wristband.

I run a lot.  I run on city streets.  I run on trails.  I run in groups.  I also have a proclivity toward running solo.  My rule is to always carry ID, however I have destroyed countless little post it notes with two or three lines of viciously scrawled out instructions.  How?  Water, sweat, Gu.  Plus, how many people are likely to check the interior pocket of my sweaty sports bra in hopes of figuring out who I am, who to call and that I may have seizures?  I will tell you:  Not many.

I am pretty accident prone. Case in point. Note the direction my middle finger is pointing? Yeah…I am special like that.

All my friends have a Road ID.  They love them.  They apparently love me because they harp on me constantly to get mine already.  Frankly, I’ve been planning on getting one for many, many months.  Apparently making sure I was safe wasn’t motivation enough.  Nope, I needed a 10% off coupon from Runner’s World chilling in my inbox.

Regardless, it is done and my nice slim jobby id with three different colored wrist bands will be here next week.  I also grabbed a little shoe pouch for my damned key and that $20 in emergency cab fare since I am constantly in a state of panic when I can’t remember where I put them this time.   We’ll see if I like it but for $4.99 it was worth a try.

Here is a random pic of Penelope at the vet this morning. She has surgery today. I am thinking lots of good thoughts for my favorite running buddy.  She is identified too…by microchip.  I wonder when they will offer microchips for runners?

As for yesterday’s run:  a freak hailstorm put me inside a hot muggy gym and on my mortal enemy the dreadmill for 3 icky miserable miles.  Hopefully today will be better…then again, it supposed to be almost 90.  YUCK.