The M Word: Marathon

Next time I see this section of road, it will be 33.1 miles into a 39.3 mile weekend.

I am going to say something that a year ago I swore I would never say:

I am training for a marathon…sort of.

What the fuck.  How did this happen?

This time last year I was sheepishly admitting to myself that some day in the distant future I wanted to run a half marathon.  It would take a several more weeks before I made the announcement out loud to Kate, my co-worker and greatest source of input and encouragement on this whole running thing at the time.  Imagine my surprise when she didn’t bat an eyelash.  Nope, instead she hooked me up with her running club.

At the time, I swore that I would be happy running halfs for the rest of my life.  I thought I might even take up trail running because if I’m going to be slow, I might as well be bad ass and get all dirty and sweaty on single track.  But I would NEVER run a marathon.  EVER. NEVER EVER EVER!

Here is the deal… I still have no immediate plans to slap a 26.2 sticker on my truck.  I am planning something much, much more…what’s the word for it?  Cool?  No.  Crazy?  Definitely.  My goal is to complete 3 halfs in 3 days at the end of the September followed by a 50K in the fall.  Don’t ask me why.  I honestly have no idea.  I think part of it is because I detest road races and most marathons in my area are, of course, on the road and the scenery is, well, blah.  And while the 3 halfs in 3 days are on the road, they are in Tahoe-which means gorgeous views and plenty of hills to keep me amused.  Plus there is a little bit of that bad ass-ery factor.  I mean, come on:  I have to be crazy for doing it right?  Something like that.  Not as crazy bad ass as some people I know running 72 miles that weekend…

This morning I woke up bright and early with enthusiasm and a spring in my step.  No really.  This actually happened.  At 6 AM I feebly attempted to tie my own shoes with fingers that don’t bend, resorted to shaking the boy awake and making him do it, then headed out the door for a couple quick miles just to stretch and work in the next pair of Aasic 2160s (in stupid plum.  YUCK).  Why?  Because it is Week 1 of my marathon journey and I have a five miler tonight with the gang.

Twenty weeks, 649 miles, and a new pair of shoes.  Motivation accomplished.