It’s a Small World After All!

Who doesn’t love seeing a puppy on a Monday?

It’s Monday.  Blech.  But it is the Monday after a fantastic weekend.  I haven’t decided yet if that makes returning to the real world on Monday better or worse.  Let me get through my iced green tea and I will decide.

Saturday was blissfully boring.  The boy and the canine boys were off competing in Fresno, there was no practice, no work to be done, nothing to do except for sleep in (until 8), make a leisurely breakfast (devour a cupcake) then in an absolute panic realized that if I didn’t get my miles in early I was going to suffer a slow, painful and mercilessly hot death.  It’s that time of year where I pretty much just melt into a pile of goo on the pavement between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm.  So despite the fact that we all know that cupcakes, hot days and running don’t EVER mix with me, I ran.  It wasn’t special.  It wasn’t fast.  It wasn’t long.  It wasn’t even apparently necessary for me to remember to put on my Garmin.  Nope this was a, “Holy shit, I am going to die!” and bolt out the door sort of run.

This is my swell running bandage. Angry Birds don’t slide off with sweat. Remember that.

I came home and threw myself on the bed, basking in the glory of ceiling fans and air conditioning and indulged myself in this week’s “Dance Moms Miami.”  I. just. can’t. look. away.

As you can see I was profoundly productive on Saturday.  Actually, I was.  You see there is only so long I can lounge around before my OCD/ADHD/GAD self comes out.  I just can’t watch a television show.  Nope.  Not me.  This is what I did while the TV blared in the background:

•    Started a load of laundry
•    Packaged 50 lbs of chicken frames into meticulously labeled and perfectly portioned bags
•    Responded to a dozen or so emails I never to during my busy week
•    Folded laundry
•    Reorganized the dog room for better efficiency
•    Folded more laundry
•    Compile this week’s menu for both human and canine
•    Put away teetering piles of laundry
•    Updated the website
•    Worked on a client website
•    Trained the puppy
•    Whipped up fresh strawberry sorbet because you know those strawberries aren’t just going to mix themselves with a little lemon juice and Grand Marnier in the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream maker
•    Made a jalapeno and cheese quiche
•    Ran the dogs (which is different than running dogs)

If that isn’t enough I also took a little time to tend my little urban farm, aka four containers filled with tomatoes and peppers, a couple strawberry pots, herb garden in a basket and the every suffering squash in an ex-pen (my dog peeps will particularly appreciate this one).  I once again pondered the possibility of backyard chickens, but watching Penelope catch her sixth pigeon in the last two weeks brought me back to reality.

Please note that this consists a blissfully boring Saturday for me.  I know I have issues.

What could possibly top such a glorious productive and boring day?  Waking up two hours before dawn and heading to a dock jumping competition with Beckie and the canine gang.

Actually, I woke up to a text that said the dogs left a gift for me in the coffee table.  Figuring that this little gift was not of the fecal variety (because only dog people can endearingly refer to unexpected indoor bowel movements as a “little gift”), I went to investigate.  To my surprise there was indeed a Mother’s Day card in the coffee table signed by all the dogs (and the fish I might add!).  There was also a note stating that the elder statesman of the household, Niles, had given clear and explicit directions that a Starbucks gift card should be included because I was getting up so early to party with them all.

Not only was I getting to jump the dogs in Auburn but I got coffee and a card too?  SWEET!  My dogs are ever so thoughtful (as is the boy).

After acquiring our delicious caffeinated goodness, Beckie and I set a new land speed record to Auburn.  By 7:30 am, we were lounging under our canopy with a herd of very happy dogs anxiously waiting for the dock to open.

Good morning, Serj!

And while we waited, I was reminded of how much I love to run.  Weird time for such a realization but here is what happened:

The park is an official stop off on the American River Trail.  The AR50 actually ends there and Western States cruises through it as well.  In fact, I have run here dozens of times and fought the Battle of Cardiac Hill just a few miles away last fall.  So while I was kicked back with thongs on, countless running groups were starting or finishing their long runs around me.  I was suddenly overwhelmed by the intense need to go on a nice long run.  A really nice long run.  The kind of run where I have to wear a backpack and eat lots of nasty tasting gu’s and Doritos then stuff myself with piles of pancakes at Denny’s.

The waitress was scared of me. Maybe it was because I threatened to stab her with a fork if she touched my plate before I had a chance to lick it clean? Yeah, that was a great run!

Just before I decided to give new meaning to the term bare foot running, the dock opened.  Still, I think this was the little extra motivation I was looking for.

I played with the dogs for a bit, took a few photos of Beckie’s dogs then realized that I was staring at a very familiar little Patterdale Terrier.  Fellow fitness blogger and dog sport enthusiast and her boy Jason had also come out to enjoy a little Mother’s Day dock jumping fun.   Tiffany is pretty much awesome.  Her adventures amuse me in the literally laugh out loud every day sort of way and of course she has puppies right now so I can live vicariously through her.  Who doesn’t love puppies?

Thanks for this great pic of us, Tiffany!

For those that think the world is a big place, it really isn’t all that big.  You see, before there was a Run, Fat Chick, Run or a Drink, Run, Yoga there were dog shows and trials where our paths had actually crossed.  Of course, we had no idea until a couple months ago that we actually knew each other because how many other crazy dog chicks are there out there who are also running?  Yup, it’s a small world.

Tiffany challenged me to a good old fashioned foot race this morning on her blog, Drink, Run, Yoga.  Okay, technically it is not a foot race, more of two insane terrier obsessed running freaks who evidently enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage running a race with plenty of other borderline insane people.  To answer you, Tiffany:  It is on!!!

This is the face of a running crazed dog lover that says: “LET’S DO IT!” (Thanks for the pic, Tiffany!)

It was a nice day of competing.  The dogs all did great and came home with some bright and shiny ribbons.

Cory is officially off the disabled list.  No new photos of him yet so enjoy this one from two years ago…

He placed third overall, but that is mostly because the young boys were off playing flyball.  They qualified for the finals with a 17′ and 16’9″ jump.  Corrigan jumped 12′ which is huge for him.  It’s tough being a little guy!

Penelope looks particularly good with her pink fifth place ribbon from the finals, don’t you think?

Beckie did a fantastic job working with Isabella.

Beckie and Issie

Issie loves the water but is new to this whole leap off a giant dock in front of hundreds (okay dozens) of people thing.  She did really well and swam around the pool like the fish she thinks she is.

Shake it off!

We got home at a reasonable hour and I had every intention of going for a quick run.  Instead, I curled up on the couch and slept until my alarm went off this morning.  Actually, I slept right through the alarm and I have no recollection of helping the boy unload at midnight last night.  It’s apparently true then:  I really can walk dogs in my sleep.

My green tea is finished.  My conclusion?  Great weekend makes for a great Monday.  Enjoy it.

Oh and dear Steven:  you, me, the 12 mile segment of the ART we discussed.  Let’s do that…say in two weeks?  Thanks.

Remember this? Come on, Steven! You know you want to!