Rock-N-River Race Recap

I should have this totally awesome race recap this morning detailing my fantastic half PR.  Instead, enjoy this photo of my fingers.

Wait, you can’t actually see them because they are camouflaged.

That’s right, I didn’t run the Rock-N-River Half Marathon because of a finger injury.

Okay, it’s a little more involved in that.  Apparently when you get into a hurry and let yourself get distracted you can get your fingers locked in the door of the truck in such a way as to necessitate stitches and having your finger relocated.

Again, what does this have to do with running?  There were these concerns about swelling and chaffing and heat and rupturing stitches.  These were not my concerns but I was forced to concede.  Whatever.  It’s just a flesh wound.  A big nasty, painful and gross flesh wound that makes my skin crawl at the sight of it.  When it icks me out you know it is bad.  Just sayin’.

So in what has become the worst year ever for running, I spent Sunday alternating between napping and icing my hand with a bag of frozen corn instead of running.  And I ate pizza.  A lot of pizza.  I am so proud of myself.