Priorities, Priorities

Wait, you mean I actually have five minutes to sit down and put together a well thought out post?  Not really but I am making time.

Spring has sprung.  That about sums up my rather sudden and unexplained absence the last two weeks.  In reality this is what has happened:

I have been out competing a lot with the dogs.  And when you compete a lot, you have to organize/pack/cook a lot.  And train a lot.  This last part mostly refers to that very special moment during a master level class when you realize your dog is running full speed away from you and not listening to a damn thing you say because, you know, he has already figured out where he is supposed to go and didn’t read the rulebook to know he has to actually get there with you.

Can you tell I had fun?  I did actually.

My point is, however, that the competition season is in full swing.  I have some very serious competitors this year in multiple sports and given that I am all healthy and fit and such, I feel compelled to really push the limits.

Take earthdog for example.  It wasn’t just sufficient to finish Comet’s Senior and Master Earthdog titles in back to back consecutive passes.  Nope, I had to start going for that Endurance title too right away because he is amazing and could totally set some records.  I like records.  Comet likes to work.  It is a good combination.  That wasn’t enough for me either, however.  Drew finished his senior title and instead of giving him a few months off to work on those Master level skills a bit more, he and I jumped right into the fire.  Oh, and I also decided to bring Emma out of retirement to finish her Endurance 2 title because while we are on the topic of record setting she is going into the Earthdog Hall of Fame for our breed in the fall so why not be inducted with a bang, right?  Having one dog in Masters is exciting.  Three dogs borders on insanity.

This is just one sport.  There are several more.  It’s how we roll.

I have not, however, been running as much as I should.  I haven’t yet figured out the balance of running at this level at the same time I am competing with the dogs at this level.  I have a half marathon in three weeks.  I should be logging more mileage.  I am not exactly sure how this is going to go.  I do know, however, that I feel very strong.  Perhaps I am getting some sort of benefit in all my short sprints and long walks with the dogs?  I don’t know.   I feel that I should be running more but there are days when I am not making it the priority it needs to be.  I am working to find the balance.

Speaking of balance, I have also been fighting with the first major Meniere’s episode of the season.  Predictably, as the weather starts to get nice out, my inner ear decides to go all crazy.  Of course, there is some good that goes with waking up to vertigo every morning.  First, my skin is all colorful with bruises and such.  It is quite spectacular and all Hunger Games-ish.  Wait…that isn’t actually good.  But I have used it to my advantage.  Despite rather poor travel eating habits, through a combination of really cracking down on my sodium intake and the whole “I’m not hungry because I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster all day” I have managed to lose 10 very stubborn pounds.  I don’t recommend or endorse the Meniere’s Magic Diet Plan but after two weeks of spinning, nystagmus and other associated joys of Meniere’s, I think I deserve the reward of dropping some very stubborn pounds.    (As an aside, the work weight loss project?  Going well!  My team won the half way challenge with a total of 7.5% of our body weight lost for an astounding 87 lbs from five total people.  Amazing!)

There is also this special project at work that showed up on my desk completely unexpected and unannounced which has resulted in long hours, missed lunch breaks and the need to purchase stock in Sugar Free Red Bull.  This is not spring related, but since I tend to write on the lunch break I haven’t taken you can see how that goes.  Priorities, priorities.

Actually, priorities are pretty much today’s topic aren’t they?  Dog Sports, Career, Blogging, Health and Fitness?  They are all priorities.  The problem is they are all top priorities and that really isn’t possible.  For example, half marathons promptly took a back seat to setting records in dog sports.  Work has superseded sleep, which is contributing to the length of first major MM episode of the season.  It’s time for me to sit down and really prioritize those top priorities.