Fine China, Cheap Beer and Crockpots

Jumping up, you say? Sounds like a good excuse for a Warrior Dash photo to me!

Do you hear that?  THAT is the sound of me jumping up and down with joy because the weekend is nearly upon us.  It’s not that is has been a bad week, it’s just that I am ready to cut loose and have some fun though admittedly not quite as much “fun” as I had last weekend.  Remember the dreaded two, turned three-day hangover?  Yeah, not repeating that.  I am however hosting a dinner party tonight.  A good old fashioned grown up dinner party with placemats and real china and everything.  wahahahaha.  I can’t believe I just said that with a straight face.  Actually I didn’t, you just couldn’t see me snickering.

I don’t even own “real” china.  Technically that isn’t true.  We have the sugar and creamer set to the entire 120 piece china collection we registered for in a fit of post engagement party fueled “wouldn’t it be cool to have a china pattern all our own.”  Now why we wanted $250 platinum rimmed place settings we would be too afraid to bring out so they would just sit in the china cabinet staring at us for over a decade (as is the case with at least three other sets of fine china we contributed to our friends’ weddings.  I want to eat off that damned decorative salad plate I bought you, dammit!), I have no idea but fortunately because we decided to actually be ourselves and scrap the ridiculous traditional wedding debacle we only ended up with the sugar and creamer.  For whatever reason, we didn’t return them after we eloped for something more practical (like a Kitchen Aid).  We keep them on the microwave.  They have never been used.  The pattern is wretched.  They make us giggle on a regular basis.

But I digress.  Sort of.  We are pulling out all the stops for this little soirée:  paper plates, plastic utensils, plastic cups and paper towels from Costco (Dear Mother Earth, I am very sorry not to use reusables tonight.  Please forgive me.  Love, Liz  P.S. We are recycling all our empties if that helps.).  Yup, this is a good old fashioned Cold Springs style gathering of the masses.  If you don’t know what Cold Springs style is, don’t worry.  You wouldn’t.  Or shouldn’t.  Or maybe couldn’t.  This is a throwback to the days when a herd of early twenty somethings would line up chairs on the shabby porch of an equally shabby single wide strategically placed high on a hill in Cold Springs.  We would drink cheap beer, eat BBQ chicken and strawberry shortcake while watch lightning strike the dry lake bed.  It was somewhere between ghetto and white trash, but no one cared.  It was freaking awesome.

Call it nostalgia, call it retro, call it brilliance, call it whatever you like but it is time to wheel out the beer cooler, fire up the grill and watch the lightning. Okay, there is no lightning and the closest thing we have to a lake bed is Rambo’s turtle shaped wading pool.  Chances are at least one of the neighbors will shoot off some fireworks if that counts for anything.  And we do have a fire pit passed down to us by the twenty somethings who came before us.  We also have a fully stocked bar (ooooh aaaah).  It’s not lightning but it is way better.

The hot topic of tonight’s gathering?  Rehashing the tale of how we as the Committee packed up two of the infamous crockpots and shipped them off to fellow committee members vacationing in Hawaii.  One of them arrived yesterday.  The reaction was absolutely priceless.  This may very well be the end of the crockpots (which were once regulars at the Cold Springs style gatherings of the past, either bearing food OR being duct taped to someone’s hubcaps – like I said, it was somewhere between ghetto and white trash).  They lived a good life and generated almost a decade of merrymaking, shenanigans and HI-larity to our lives.  Who knew.

This fabulous photo appeared on Facebook last night. EPIC.

Beyond the Cold Springs style fire pit party (let’s hope I don’t melt my slippers this time), the weekend holds a lot of promise.  I finally figured out what to do with all those activities.  They shall goes as follows:  On Saturday, I will go for an easy four mile run Saturday morning, then it is off to flyball practice followed by kayaking at Tahoe which will inevitably lead to a delicious burrito from T’s in Incline Village before collapsing into a heap on Saturday night.  When the weather is all cold, wet and windy on Sunday, I have my eight miler and my plan is to get some yoga in after.  Having completed a winter’s worth of yard work this week in preparation for the fire pit thing, the boy and I even have plans to lounge around and watch a movie or two with the terriers.  Life is good.  Very good.