At last! Spring is Here

Last night I ran in shorts and a light long sleeved tech shirt.

No gloves, no head band, no multiple layers of to keep the chill off.

It was absolutely fabulous.  Except for the fact that I was keenly aware that my bright blue Thorlo Experia socks I love so very much absolutely did not match my outfit.  It’s a good thing I don’t care about such things when I am running.  Actually I do.  It’s not like I am one of those women who wears make up and primps before I work out, but as a general rule I do like my work out clothes not to clash horribly.  This was pretty bad.  On the other hand, my feet felt fantastic.  Note to self:  when wearing shorts, grab the black Experias.  Just saying.  I did at least remember to shave my legs.  That was a bonus because I would have been miserable in my full length tights.  Again, I don’t primp and preen but being caught in shorts with leg stubble?  Not my thing.  I don’t care if no one else can tell.  I CAN.

Regardless of the clashing socks, however, it felt great to be out in shorts.  Not short shorts, mind you, but nice compression shorts that keep everything from moving and rubbing.  There is just something about feeling the wind on my calves.  I love shorts.  Shorts are good.

Back to the run.  It was a gorgeous night for running.  The sun was still up when we hit the trail.  There was a little wind but it wasn’t particularly chilly or strong.  The temperature was absolutely perfect (for me).  Shelly, Dianne and I had all agreed that this was going to be a slow day.  Not lazy slow.  Not lagging slow.  Not sore slow.  Just laid back.

We headed out at a nice leisurely 12:30 pace around the Marina.  It felt good, not too fast, not too slow.  We chatted, observed the fishermen, stopped briefly at a restroom, adjusted layers of clothing (it was warmer than we had expected).  For the first three miles, the run was fun and laid back just like we planned.  The last mile, for fun (and because this is a quirky little habit Shelly and I have gotten into) we put a little speed in our step, finishing with a nice 11:36.  And it felt great.   Really great, actually!

This is a nice easy run. Thank you, ladies!

I am hoping the rest of my runs for the week go this well.  Saturday’s long run this week is 8 miles, which I haven’t done since I was incapacitated by the Black Death.  I am feeling pretty confident about it.  Plus, I am running with Dianne and Shelly.  Always fun and mob mentality never hurts on long run days!

Now the question is:  do I run a 5K on Sunday followed by snowshoeing and kayaking OR do I put in a nice easy 5 or 6 recovery followed by snowshoeing and kayaking?  Decisions, decisions.