Run, Drink, Sleep. Repeat.

I don’t know about you but I am ready for the weekend in a big way.  The week hasn’t been all that bad.  Actually it has been great:  highly productive, pretty mellow and punctuated by actual periods of working out which I have missed so very, very much.  Most importantly, coming off the prednisone early in the week has apparently led to a complete lack of the munchies later in the week as evidenced by my sudden return to self control at 3 pm in the afternoon.  Sorry, miniature Mr. Goodbar.  We had a great run while it lasted but I am done with you for now.

So if I had a great week, looking forward to the weekend can only mean one thing:  exciting plans.  What would a weekend in the life of Liz be WITHOUT some sort of exciting plan?  It would be boring.  And normal.  And lackluster.  Since I am none of these things, I of course have my entire weekend planned out practically to the minute involving virtually all of my favorite activities.

Tonight, I am cooking and grocery shopping – in that order.  I have a great recipe for a tasty black bean soup I have been wanting to try and since I prepared my black beans yesterday I am all set to whip it out tonight.  And once I am contentedly full, I will go grocery shopping because grocery shopping on an empty stomach inevitably leads to weird processed foods I never eat throwing themselves into the cart only to sit on the shelf for all time.

Tomorrow morning I have my first group run of the session.  It is our “long run.”  Picture me doing air quotes here because that is exactly what I am doing.  I love the program because it ramps everyone up to higher mileage, but it starts out slow.  This week’s “long run” is four miles.  That is actually my short run.  But it is with the group and I have missed everyone the last few weeks so I am really excited about the “long run.”  Bonus:  I get to run with Dianne, who I just learned also signed up for both half marathons in May.  Misery, I mean I love company!

Afterwards I have some serious play time (as in training time) with the dogs and then it is off to the wine walk because after this week I have decided I deserve to cut loose with some delicious red wine.  I don’t care that it is supposed to rain.  It’s Reno.  We don’t get real rain.  We get this stuff that is like a sprinkler passing over your car as you drive by (you want rain, go to Oban in Scotland-then we will talk about rain!).

And because I am totally serious about taking it slow getting back into running, I am doing a 10K on Sunday.  That will officially count as my long run.  Lots of my RRF peeps will be out there.  I think we all had the same idea about the whole four mile thing on Saturday.  Plus, my quads have given up their protest.  I *happily* ran four miles on the dreaded treadmill last night with not so much as a twinge today.  If anything, I feel better than I have in weeks.  Back to the weekend’s grand plans:  To prove just how serious I am about taking it slow, however, I am going snowshoeing right after with the girls.  You know, to stretch out and stuff.

Sunday night, I will be wrapping up a fantastic weekend by having a few margaritas with the gang.
Let the fun begin in 3 – 2- 1…