Just enjoy the damned chocolate!

It amazes me that after consistently running 25+ miles a week that after taking 2-3 weeks off, it feels as if I am completely starting over-at least as far as my muscles are concerned.  There is still a lingering tightness in my quads and this morning my calves decided to join in the fun with a dull ache.  I also have the tightness in my back I used to get from hunching up my shoulders when I first started running again last February.  It’s nothing major and I am certainly not discouraged.  Instead, I stiffly crawled out of my warm and cozy bed this morning, tossed my yoga mat out on the floor and stretched.  And stretched.  And stretched.

Despite the protest or sore and achy muscles, however, I feel great.  Last night I went for a lovely walk with the boy and dogs just to keep myself loose.  It was windy, cold and the walk was frequently punctuated by short lived snow flurries but the result was worth it:  no reactive coughing in the cold, no hacking, no hairballs.  This means three days of physical activity without protest from my lungs or sinuses.  Sweet!

Speaking of sweet:  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Yeah, I know it is a sappy made up overly commercialized holiday and if you really love each other you don’t need one day out of the year to show it.  Blah, blah, blah.  I am not a big celebrator of holidays (except New Birthmas) but I have to say I am pretty darned spoiled.  These arrived at my office.

Beautiful, right?  And at home there is a perfectly handpicked box of my favorite chocolates.  I know a lot of girls (and guys) who are having a fit today because their significant other dared to give them the gift of chocolate, cupcakes or some other temptation today while they are trying so hard to drop the pounds.  In a way, I get where they are coming from.  It is hard to lose weight and being presented by delicious chocolaty goodness can be a lot of temptation.   Instead of jumping to the conclusion that the other person is being insensitive or worse intentionally sabotaging your efforts, consider this:  most likely, they thought it would be a great treat you would genuinely enjoy on this ONE day.  Appreciate the gesture.  It is okay to indulge a little.  And if you really can’t handle the temptation, there are other ways to handle it other than ranting about it on Facebook, by text or by screaming at them directly.  And if you are in a relationship where you don’t feel supported the chocolate isn’t the problem, is it?  Seriously, people.  Save the drama for your mama.

In my case, this was a well thought out gift I will absolutely enjoy.  First, they are my absolute favorites which through a great deal of discipline I seldom indulge in these days which makes them all the more special.  Second, traditionally this was has been a 2 lb box.  This year it is a perfectly portioned half pound:  Just enough that I can truly enjoy yet not really feel guilty about the indulgence.    Though I work very hard to separate emotions from food, I actually feel very loved in this case because the boy took the time to not only pick out my favorites and continue a tradition I have always enjoyed – but did so in a way that supports the changes I have made to my lifestyle.  Then again I am pretty spoiled because he is awesome and actually gets me, so much so that tonight’s dinner reservations are after my group run.  Yup, that’s a good man and I am lucky to have him.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day however you choose to celebrate it!  Just do me a favor and enjoy the damned chocolate and stop bitching about it, will you?  Please and thank you.