It’s time to run!

I really need to get out and run because I apparently have a little too much extra energy.  Every ounce of laundry in my house is clean, folded and put away.  I have six or seven boxes ready to go to Good Will tomorrow.  Every last terrier toenail has been dremeled smooth and every errant hair trimmed.  Last night I whipped out homemade focaccia with caramelized onions.  I also prepared hummus and roasted chickpeas for the week.  And laid out all my supplies for my weekend bread making extravaganza.  I have bowled several games and been fitted for roller skates.  This afternoon I started contemplating the idea of organic urban farming.

Either I go for a run or build a terrier proof chicken palace and green house.  I am going to opt with the run.  And really, it is just about time.  The doc said 2-3 weeks and it will be exactly 2 weeks on Monday.  You will all be happy to hear that despite the fact that I feel like I could go out and run a half marathon, I will be keeping it light this week – slowly easing back into the miles after almost a month of downtime.  So now you have a running post to look forward to.  Aren’t you excited?

As for the urban farming?  There will be a vegetable garden this spring but it will be of the more practical sort.  Absolutely no chickens.  Just 25+ varieties of our most frequently utilized and able to grow in the high desert herbs, vegetables and the like.  Nothing fancy.  I won’t be selling anything on a street corner.  Scared?  You should be.

Here is the deal:  I have serious gardening skills thanks to my parents.  You see, I was that kid who lived in suburbia with pet chickens, ducks and a sustainable garden-all before this was really a cool hip idea.  On the weekends my parents, both working professionals, swapped out loafers and high heels for tie dyed Birkenstocks and grew stuff.  Heck, they even bought a 10 acre ranch in Northern California to live out the sustainable dream.  Nothing large scale, mind you, but sustainable none the less.  As a result, I learned to manage growing vegetables along with a busy schedule.

The boy and I talked about the whole garden thing the last few years but it never came to fruition due to schedules and life pressures and the convenience of McDonald’s.  This spring is different.  I still have the schedule crunch and life pressures, but our focus has changed as we have changed.  First, I can walk to a McDonald’s but can’t remember the last time I was there.  Second, the whole idea of reducing our dependence on processed foods really took hold.  It might have started out with just wanting to lose the weight and instead evolved into a lifestyle.  I mean, clearly we love to eat and preparing so much more of our own food has actually been fun.  No really, it is.  It gives us the chance to exercise our creativity and as cliché as it sounds, I swear the food tastes better.  It could be psychosomatic but since the dinner guests keep trying to find out what special store I am buying my homemade tomato basil pasta sauce from I will let you decide…

So in conclusion:  I have had too much free time on my hands and I clearly am ready to run.  I am still not 100% but I will be taking it easy, or rather, I will be taking it easy for me.  And after my run I will bake bread.  And I have some more of that pasta sauce to put up.  Happy weekend, peeps!