Things I Love and Things I Hate

I love kick boxing. I love the way my thighs and abs are practically screaming for more rest.  I love how very balanced I felt even as I moved very quickly between sidekicks and front kicks.  I loved that while I got my heart rate up, I didn’t feel like I was dying but I knew I was getting a kick ass (literally) work out.  I can’t wait to do it again.

Kick boxing makes you strong...and look good in short plaid skirts and running tights.

I hate Meniere’s.  I hate that while I am finally shaking the last chest tightening tendrils of bronchitis, the pressure in my left ear is so intense I just want to stab my eardrum with a ball point pen.  I hate that I live 200 miles from the ocean and yet I can hear the ceaseless wail of a fog horn and no one else around me can.

I love cheese.  It is delicious and comes in so many unique and tasty varieties.  Plus it goes well with everything.  Okay, almost everything but seriously, I love cheese in virtually all its forms.  In fact, I am making pizza tonight and mine will feature CHEESE (and spinach and tomato).

I hate my driver’s license.  This is only because it has yet again run away from home never to be seen again which of course means a dreaded trip to the DMV.  I am not sure what is worse:  waiting in line or facing the clerk that will remind me AGAIN that this is an important document not to be lost.  Lady, let me assure you I am not losing it.  My license runs away completely on its own…usually after I have been out on a long night of dancing.  Hmm….

I love my Garmin.  How did I live without you, Garmin?  I know how:  I was angry, frustrated and had no idea what was going on in my workouts.  This might surprise you that as much as I love my Garmin and hate to run without it I am not one of those people that stares at the Garmin throughout an entire run but I sure love all the pretty little graphs and tidbits of priceless knowledge it offers when I get home.

Who doesn't like to see elevation maps of their runs?

I hate people who think we have traffic in Reno.  If it only adds 15 minutes to your commute it is not traffic, people.  Seriously, we can drive from one end of town to the other in 10 minutes without traffic.  Doing it in 20-30 minutes is not the end of the world.  Sitting on the Bay Bridge for two and a half hours twice a day is the end of the world.

I love my dogs.  Sure, I am still convinced Riley and Drew are plotting world domination and Penelope is hatching a plan to strike oil in the backyard with all her digging, but they are pretty amazing and so much fun.

Drew and Cory, Such handsome boys!

I hate short winter days but I love winter.  I am quite positive this doesn’t many any sense but it is true.  I like the cold weather (not that it is actually cold right now!).  I like being able to see my breath.  I like all the sweaters and tights and hoodies and jeans I get to wear this time of year.  But I hate that the days are so short. I want more daylight so I can play more outside!

I love fleece blankets.  Especially my new Bighorns one.  It is so soft and snuggly and doesn’t show dog hair.

See how I excited I am about my fleece blanket?