Doing Nothing: The Cure for Overbooked Weekend Schedule Syndrome

I had a fantastic weekend.  Seriously, it was awesome.  And yesterday was perfect.

First, I slept in until 9 without the aid of cough syrup.  That in itself is a miracle.  I am an early riser.  The sun comes up and I come up with it.  I actually have those super dark shades in my bedroom so I can sleep past the crack of dawn.  Even better, the canine herd let me sleep in.  I did wake up with a dog snoring on my pillow with one paw on my face but it’s not like he was in a hurry to get up or anything either.

So as a thank you, I played with all the dogs and made Bill and I a special breakfast:  breakfast sandwiches with skillet potatoes.  And I did it without entirely trashing the kitchen (You’re welcome, Bill!).  My whole wheat biscuits were a little dry but when combined with poached eggs and cheese:  delish.

And then we just chilled.  I watched “West Side Story.”  I threw tennis balls for terriers.  I played Yatzee on my phone.  It was deliciously sinful to just sit and relax.  I generally feel it is a crime to waste my free time with such frivolities as lounging on the couch.  As a result, my weekends are usually so jam packed with activities that returning to work early Monday morning is a welcome respite.  But yesterday?  I just needed a break.  A real break.

Two things: First, I need to clean my camera lens. Second: It was warm enough to wear shorts to class. WOW!

Around one-ish I trotted over to the gym for cardio kick boxing.  I have never done kick boxing before.  It has always sounded interesting and after hearing how much fun a friend of mine had last week, I had to give it a go.  Fun is an understatement.  I had a blast.  Sure, I felt hopelessly uncoordinated trying to do a jab-cross-hook-kick combination but hours of Zumba have apparently suppressed any type of shame over my flailing limbs and bouncing wobbly bits.  I am pretty much hooked and plan to do it again soon.  I finished up with lower body strength training, the normal round of sit ups and planks.  Cross training accomplished.

Beckie wanted to go for a run with the dogs so of course I said yes because I love Beckie.  She is fun and makes me laugh.  Plus she is equally sarcastic.  And for once, I didn’t have that stupid over scheduled problem.  Awesome!  So I grabbed Drew, my best canine running buddy, and we met up with Beckie and her labs Serj and Miss Matches.

Steamboat Ditch is one of my favorite everyday trails. So pretty!

I can feel the black death loosening its grip on me so I decided I really wanted to do a nice and easy run at 12:30.  Beckie is still new to running and was hoping to do a nice run/walk.  We decided on three easy mile out and back on a nice quiet trail.  The plan was to check in with each other at specific spots.  We set out at a nice comfortable pace together.  The dogs were very happy (they love each other).  We were very happy.  Other people on the trail were very happy.

Look at Beckie and the labs run! They are happy!

Other than walking for 2/10ths of a mile at the turnaround point with Beckie, I actually ran unlike the walk, walk, run, stumble, walk thing I had been doing the last few runs.  It felt really good.  I felt stronger.  I certainly didn’t feel hopeless like I had the day before where I wondered if I should just give up any hope of a 50K (yeah, I do that sometimes when I am really struggling.  Don’t worry though.  I don’t actually give up.  I just think about it really hard then slap myself and get on with it).  I was also very proud of Beckie.  She is sort of like my little sister so I think it is really cool that she is not only interested in running but really stuck with it and put in a good run.

Good run! Now let's eat!

We decided to celebrate with Genghis Grill.  It was delicious.  I ate two bowls and didn’t feel guilty at all.

After dinner, we went back to my place so she could pick up the puppy for a sleep over and get her Christmas presents.  We’ve seen each other a dozen times since the holiday but I keep forgetting to send her with her packages.  Apparently she likes it because I got this photo five minutes later from her own living room:

Then Bill and I decided to continue our voyage to geekdom by indulging in “Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home.”  I am sure you are starting to see a theme here.  Anyway, we watched the movie, had a cocktail and I realized it was an incredible day.  I need more days like this.  Maybe I need to schedule them and plan all these laid back activities so that I can really enjoy them…wait isn’t that what normally leads to Overbooked Weekend Schedule Syndrome?  Yes, I think it is.  So I just need to plan a day to do nothing and then see what happens.  Yeah, we’ll see how well that goes over.

And on a completely different note, I think I have decided to take a taekwondo class for fun.  There is an adult beginner class at my gym on Mondays.  They always look like they are having so much fun but still working hard.   I went so far as to email the instructor this morning to learn more.  Wow.  I am getting really brave with this “trying new workouts” thing.  It took me three months to finally go to a Zumba class and here I am jumping into things like kick boxing and taekwondo.  Weird.