Fleece Blankets, Angry Letters and Early Nights

I am getting old.  Case in point:  I got this excited about obtaining the mythical fleece blanket from the local NBA D-League basketball team.

Seriously, I was uber excited.  Go Bighorns!  Thank you for my amazing fleece blanket.  Oh, and thank you for crazy guys who write on their chests and chant.

The game was sad though.  We lost.  But we had fun.

No I have no idea what is wrong with my neck here. Scary.

There was a live band scheduled at a favorite local hot spot.  Only problem?  We got there and it was locked up tight.  So to prove I am old, I wrote them an angry email.  Ooooh, that’ll show them.  Seriously, who does that?

Then last night we had reservations to a new Italian joint downtown, Campo.  It was amazing.  Seriously, if you are in Reno and you are craving contemporary Italian utilizing farm fresh ingredients go to Campo.  I had the gnocchi and it was the best gnocchi I have ever had.  That might have something to do with the amazing wine, but whatever, it was amazing.  And my roast beet salad?  OMG, heavenly.  This of course also makes me old.  I am 32 and getting all excited about roasted beets?

After a great dinner, we headed over to the Chocolate Bar for desserty cocktails and chocolate fondu.  When I heard the Chocolate Bar had moved I thought they were crazy until all we had to do to get delicious Carmel Turtle Martinis after drinking a bottle of wine was cross the street.  Clearly a stroke of brilliance on their part.  And it was delicious.  And I was buzzed.  And it was fun.

Most nights, we would stay out until the wee hours of the morning.  Maybe go dancing but at least have several more delicious martinis but last night?  Nope.  We hurried home at 9 pm to finish watching Star Trek III.  We had almost missed our dinner reservation (by the way, be sure to GET reservations at Campo on the weekend.  It was swamped) because we started watching the movie so like the young, hip party animals we are, we wanted to get home to watch it.  On the DVR.  It’s not like it was going anywhere.  This once again reaffirms that we are old.

You know what else reaffirms this fact?  I pottied and fed the dogs in my little black dress then snuggled into flannel pajama pants and a tank top under an afghan one of our grandmother’s made us and watched Star Trek III.  And when it was done?  We wanted to watch Star Trek IV, but instead we were tired so we went to bed at like 10:30.  Oh yeah, we are rock stars people.  Real party animals.  You know you want to be just like us.

Did I mention we also did dishes are were insanely amused by the puppy’s attempt at helping?

But if we are getting old, at least we are having fun.  I mean, we were incredibly amused by the couple on their second date at Campo.  We know it was their second date because the couple at the table on the other side of them actually asked.  They were so cute and well, awkward in that “I think I kind of like you but what if you are a serial killer” way.

And who has sword fights with fondu forky things over bananas?  That would be us.  And it was fun.  Just ignore us old people, twenty something part of six on some sort of group date thingy where the girls all giggle to themselves and the guys look about as comfortable as junior high school boys at their first dance.

Maybe getting old isn’t a bad thing after all.  And on that note, I am going for a run.