The Obligatory Resolutions for the New Year

I have realized in my fever induced haze that I have some big goals for myself in 2012.  I mean, how do I follow quite possibly one of the most challenging but successful years of my life?  With an even better one, right?

This past year has been a tough one.  Very tough.  While it is very difficult for the enthusiastic optimist in me to admit, there were many days I just wanted to give up because it was just too hard.  

Pain is temporary.  Quitting is forever.   

I am always the happy one, the outgoing one.  I never stop moving, always have the plan.  So when I completely ran out of steam, even those closest to me seemed to think I just needed a vacation and since I had the mother of all vacations I would be just fine.  Because I always make it work.  I am always just fine.  Most days I even believed I was just fine.  And so I pushed hard and lived hard.  That’s how I roll.

Pain is temporary.  Quitting is forever.   

Every year I set goals for myself and I achieve most of them.  That isn’t bragging. Trust me, it isn’t.  It is the effect of a deep rooted need to achieve which results in a single-minded determination that yields results.  What drives it is a combined fear of failure and the need to prove to myself I can do it, whatever it is.  What can I say?  I love the challenge, hate the failure.  Best solution?  Don’t fail.  Again, that’s how I roll. 

Pain is temporary.  Quitting is forever.   

I am a firm believer that life is hard but that the best things in life are worth the fight.  It was a long year.  There is really no point getting into the gritty detail of what was thrown at me or what I chose to put on myself.  I lived it, I learned from it, I’ve moved on because there were an equal amount of incredible and amazing things that I would rather dwell on:  a once in a lifetime adventure in Scotland, a regional championship, a rediscovery of running, eighty pounds lost.  More importantly, I didn’t give up.  I didn’t crumble under the pressure.  I didn’t lose myself.  Quite the opposite.  I am stronger, more determined and have a better sense of who I am than I have in a very long time.

As much as I hated this year, I loved this year. 

So 2012…  Clearly, it is going to be a good year.  Really it has to be because I need it to be.  Enter that single-minded determination to achieve that goal.  Because….everyone say it with me, “That’s how I roll!”

I took the liberty in my fever induced haze the last few days to think up a few things.  Let’s be honest.  I’ve been thinking of these things for awhile.  It’s just that time of year when bloggers get all retrospective and shit, examine the past year and share all our lofty ideals for the next year.  So here is what is going to go down in 2012:

Here I am cooling down in Lake Tahoe after the 10K this year. Yeah, I think going from 6.2 miles in 2011 to 36.3 miles in 2012 is totally reasonable.

Run (aka Survive) the Tahoe Trifecta:  Three half marathons, three days, at Lake Tahoe.  The event is in September.  I have no doubt I can do it.  Even better, I have great support.  Some think I am crazy but they love me anyway.  Some are crazy enough to do it with me.  Either way, this is going to be fun.  Dear Lake Tahoe:  You, me, September.  You are going down.  Love, Me.

I like to run far. See, here I am at mile 50 of Western States. Ignore the fact that I started at mile 44 please.

Run a 50K:  That is 31 miles people.  I have never had an interest in running an actual marathon but I have been more than a little intrigued by ultras.  Then I started hanging out with the wrong crowd.  You know, those super nice, super amazing people that are just like everyone else and go out and actually do these things by the truckload for fun and stuff.  The encouraging ones that not only believe you can do it, but offer to put in the miles with you.  Because when you hang out with these really normal, really nice folks you start to believe you can do it.  Here is the deal.  I am not fast.  I will never be fast.  But what I do have going for me is determination and endurance.  Plus, my inner bad ass keeps insisting that I can totally do this.  No really.  Stop laughing.  More importantly, I have great support.  So I have a target event:  Bizz Johnson.  It’s on.

Same weight as I was in Tahoe but down a pant size. Whatever.

Knock off 20 lbs:  Though my blog has largely become centered around my running addiction, it did start by covering my weight loss.  When I started this journey, I had about 120-130 lbs to lose.  I have lost 80 and managed to maintain within 5 lbs.  That means I still have 40-50 lbs to go.  I would love to say I can easily knock out another 40 lbs this year but I know I am going to be fighting for every pound lost.  There are a few reasons for this.  First, the rate of loss slows as you approach your goal.  Second, there is a point of diminishing returns.  I don’t subscribe to the whole starvation mode theory but let me say this, in addition to the endless plateau I have had enough blood tests and common colds over the last few months to realize that my body can and will absolutely say, “ENOUGH.”   If I want to run like this, I have to accept two things:  I am not going to lose weight as quickly and I have to eat more.  I am fine with the former, struggling with the latter. 

Do you know what cross training leads to? A plank on a plank. Just saying.

Put in at least 126 hours of cross training:  That seems like a simple goal.  Two hours a week.  Totally manageable.  But I have been a bad, bad girl.  Given the choice, I would run all the time.  Woman cannot live by running alone.  At least that is what they tell me. 

Look! My shoes are dirty! Again!

Blog more than once a week:  Lucky you.  Ha!  Really though, I enjoy this and I know you can never see too many photos of my dirty running shoes.  Come on, you know want to see them.

There are of course other goals.  Career goals, canine competition goals.  This isn’t really the place for those but suffice to say I am looking forward to working very hard and having a lot of fun in 2012.

So tell me, what are your goals?