Things I did and didn’t do to get ready for my 10 miler on New Year’s Day

And I shall call this post:  Things I did and didn’t do to get ready for my 10 miler on New Year’s Day.  The format is simple.  I will tell you what I did and did not do to prepare for this race.

Things I did:

  • Read a horrible two year old article on how slow runners are ruining marathons (I’m slow.  Bite me.)
  • Selected other races to run this year
  • Caught and fought the black death, aka some form of 14 day cold/flu/sinus infection thingy
  • Plotted the death of various co-workers and friends who may in any way be responsible for the black death
  • Played Zelda on the Wii
  • Ate a lot of chocolate
  • Selected my race day gels and sport beans by type and flavor
  • Organized my gels, shot blocks and sport beans by color and flavor
  • Slept in my running clothes without actually running in them
  • Coerced my girlfriends into a 10K in February
  • Drank a lot of whipped cream vodka
  • Drank a lot of water

 Things I did not do:

  • Run

 Um, yeah.  Anyone else see a problem with that? 

 Okay, okay.  I can’t say I didn’t run.  I did.  Kind of.  I had been running consistently prior to the black death and despite having to take SEVEN days off from any form of physical activity other than reaching for another tissue/decongestant/antibiotic/piece of chocolate I did pick up right where I left off as soon as I could marginally breath.   

 The good news is, the running I have managed to squirrel away during the dark days of the black death has in fact been good.  Case in point:  Tuesday’s run with Roland where my insistence that I was clearly going to be slow (like 13:30 slow) turned into a nice quick and consistent 11:09 pace with a small negative split.   And Thursday, where I promised Nikki an easy four miles that I’m pretty sure weren’t that easy.  And today?  Today, Dianne and I are heading out on a nice hilly five mile trail run.  But I feel better.  Not great, but stronger.

 Now, while I have absolutely no expectation of setting a land speed record or even a personal best on 10 miles (which btw is 1:50), I still have a goal:  2:05.  Do the math.  That is a nice “plodding” 12:30 pace.  And the last runner to come in for 2011?  2:08   There is a really good chance I am coming in last.  I think I am okay with that.  I think.

I will tell you what I am absolutely okay with:  the hills.  I never thought I would hear myself say that, but I am.  Yes, they slow me down because I am still a hill whimp but after the Battle of Cardiac Hill I am feeling surprisingly comfortable with hills.  Especially hills out there because let’s face it, I’ve already run a bunch of them and they are tiny compared to Cardiac.  Not easy, mind you.  But easier. 

Yes, I know it looks weird. We start at 1,300 feet, go down and come up.

See:  I don’t mind these hills at all:

 So Happy New Birthmas, er Happy New Year.  I’ll see you on the other side.