Holiday Running

Last week I had one really crappy run, two great runs and one missed run.  Long live the holidays.

Typically, I run Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday.  If I can, I will sneak in quick run on Wednesday.  It works for my schedule.  Usually.  Right now there are so many parties, gatherings, shows and errands (not to mention a really persistent Meniere’s episode) that I am having difficulty keeping up.  Here is how last week went:

Tuesday:  I woke up extra early so I could run.  I bundled up and headed out into 16 degree tundra and headed on my merry way.  The air quality was horrendous.  It was freezing.  And I may have had a cupcake for breakfast.  I had to pack it in rather quickly (which means I walked home slowly and miserably).  Boo.  Hiss.

Thursday:  I met up with Nikki at the Marina.  I ran with her for the first mile, then finished up three more miles on my own.  These have to be three of the most consistent miles I have ever run.  I felt great despite the cold.  Just call me Miss Consistent:

Saturday:  A not so rogue band of RRF runners were meeting up for run to Hole in the Wall.  I met up with Dianne about 15 minutes before the scheduled run because we are a bit slower.  We ran into Deb who ran the first mile with us to stay warm then headed back to run with the next wave of runners (all in all I think four different RRF bands were roving the trails – it was very fun!).  Dianne and I ran well, battled a couple hills and won, battled my blood sugar and won, saw some nifty ice displays and all in all put in a good run.

Sunday:  Um yeah.  I was supposed to get out and put in an easy 5 miles.  I slept in then went to California for the day and enjoyed that cheesecake.  Amazing.