Holiday Feasting, My Way

The Best Darned Cookies Ever

I ate a 1,300 calorie piece of cheesecake yesterday and it was absolutely delicious.  There is no remorse, no guilt, no emotional turmoil; it was a simple holiday indulgence and I loved every minute of it.  And when that last morsel was gone, I was content, satisfied and went on with my day.  That in itself was even more blissful than the rich which chocolate caramel macadamia deliciousness that was that piece of cheesecake.

The holidays are arguably the most challenging part of the year for those watching their waistline…and even those who don’t.  In fact, I chose the starting date of 12/26/2010 to embark on what would become known as “the lifestyle change” just so I wouldn’t set myself up for failure during the holidays.  It didn’t mean going for one last hurrah before locking down my calorie intake, but it did mean not stressing about the impact of every potluck and dinner party.

So here I am smack dab in the middle of the holiday season.  There are cocktail parties, potlucks and dinners virtually every night plus plenty of goodies just lying around the office.  Oh how delicious the holidays are.  I rarely hear from the inner fat chick these days (I think the runner chick in me keeps kicking her back in the closet and locking the door), but there have been a few murmurs of, “Oh come on!  It’s FUDGE, dammit!” 

I have a theory about the holidays.  We over indulge because it is the only time of year when eating pumpkin pie for breakfast, sugar cookies and fudge for lunch and cream puffs with wine for dinner is socially acceptable.  Hell, it’s even encouraged.  I mean, who makes pumpkin pie in May?  And does grandma whip up a batch of those delicious homemade cream puffs every Wednesday night?  I think not.  And who is spending two hours roasting a damned turkey after working 10 hours in March?  Not me (well, not me regardless but you get the idea). 

My inner fat chick has come to believe that this is the time of indulgence.  It is owed to us.  And surely after this year we deserve it.  Maybe a little but it’s not like my body works on this magical calendar where from the fourth Thursday in November until January 2nd calories don’t really count.  If anything, I probably can cut back a little bit since I am so busy attending functions and events I’m only getting in 3 solid work outs a week.

There are plenty of people out there torturing themselves right now.  They are saying no thank you to a tiny bite of the most decadent and delicious chocolate peanut butter fudge to ever grace the planet (seriously, Bill’s fudge is amazing).  They are staring longingly at the eggnog and passing up potatoes au gratin.  If this were me, I would be secretly inhaling three servings of stuffing with a side of pumpkin pie laced with fudge.  I know this because I have done this.

I worked hard this year.  I lost 80 lbs in 8 months and have maintained quite comfortably within five pounds for the last 4 months.  I am pretty proud of that.  Why the heck would I sabotage myself by denying myself the fun of the holidays?  I wouldn’t.  Actually, in the past I would have and put on the pounds accordingly.  But this year I’m going all Ben Franklin on the holidays:  “Everything in moderation.”

And I do mean everything, including that piece of delicious cheesecake.  I enjoyed it and why not?  I will have my fudge and eat it too.  I will have a tasty glass of the best darned eggnog ever on Christmas Eve and I will love it.

But I will not gain a pound this holiday.  It has nothing to do with myth or magic.  Just moderation.

Don’t worry.  I have some killer resolutions for the New Years.  You will enjoy them but I will save that for another day.

Happy Holidays!