Monday Mileage

Winter has seriously arrived.  It was COLD last night.  COLD.  So of course I headed over to the marina to put in what were supposed to be three easy miles.  Not so much.  The combination of the anemia (oh, have I not mentioned that fun fact?) and the weekend seizure (uh yeah, that was fun…not) had me tired and a little stiff but I was determined after failing to make my 20 mile goal last week that I was going to get out and run, dammit.

I have to say that despite the cold, I was quite warm in my favorite winter pants (I love you, Nike!) and the sport windbreaker I picked up on a miserably cold, wet and windy day while in Scotland.  The goal was to take it easy and stay at 11:30. I did a little better than that:

But the miles weren’t easy.  I felt like I was hacking up a hairball for most of it and while I physically loosened up, I felt like I was dragging a heavy weight behind me.  Still, I was surprised to see my heart rate steadily climb the entire run.  Then again, at around 2.8 miles I thought I might die.

So last night’s run wasn’t particularly easy but I am happy with the consistency of my pacing.  This is my light week of running.  I would be happy finishing the week the way it started.  At this point, I will just be happy to finish it at all.