Black Friday: I love and hate you!

Group Run Saturday: Me, the Cone and my Garmin

As much as I love Thanksgiving, I despite Black Friday.  It’s not that I don’t love a good sale because really I do.  It’s more that the surging mob of determined shoppers hell bent on getting whatever they want by any means necessary that I don’t like.  Plus, I like to sleep and hitting the mall at midnight after a delicious meal and a few cocktails is not my idea of fun so much so that I typically go into work that Friday to avoid all of it.

Typically.  There have been a few times when I have left the safety and security of my office cash in on a great deal like when my parents came up with the brilliant idea that they would like to get us a 50” flat screen that was on sale at Costco but they needed help loading it in the car.  Shazaam, I was there. 

There was also the year of the great PC sale at Best Buy where the exact PC we had been scoping out went on sale for something ungodly like 60% off.  We drove 90 miles, darted into the store, snatched up our precious PC and waited four hours in line.  That PC was perfect and lived a longer than average life for any home, let alone a tech savvy one (granted, it was pretty pimped out and highly customized when it passed away peacefully this fall).

This led to the great shopping extravaganza of Black Friday 2011.  We both knew we needed a new PC for the home office.  My laptop is fantastic, but we’re fighting over it and it isn’t ideal for photo editing (and hello, I still have 20,000 photos from Europe to go through).  So while I spent the morning of Black Friday happily cocooned in my cozy office getting caught up on paperwork Bill headed out into the trenches to locate the new machine.  And he found it…at Costco.   Go figure.  I tagged along for the actual pick up and was pleasantly surprised that this was indeed the machine I wanted and that the price was indeed fabulous.  We oohed and aahed and threw it in our shopping cart, assuming the defensive posture of Black Friday shoppers everywhere.  I swear I heard a faint echo of “My precious!” as we wheeled the cart toward the check-out line but Bill insists he was silent.  Suuuuure…

As we navigated through the throngs of carts overloaded with discount flat screens (dear lord people, how many flat screens do you need?) something caught my eye:  a display of Garmin Forerunner 410’s, the only item on my Christmas list this year.  And if it was here at Costco on Black Friday, it was worth checking out.  I almost had a heart attack at the price:  a fully pimped out 410 with heart rate monitor for $200.  So along with the computer, my new bright and shiny Garmin jumped into the cart as well.  And Bill was nice enough to say, “Merry Christmas-go ahead and open it now, because I know you can’t wait to play with it.”  Good husband.  Very good husband!

Black Friday was followed by Group Run Saturday (doesn’t everyone celebrate Group Run Saturday?) and I could hardly wait to hit the trail and try my new toy out.  It was not my best run.  And I accidentally stopped the time for about 10 minutes, but when that beautifully mapped run with elevation and pace details came up on my computer screen (it’s like they were made for each other!) I was as giddy as a kid with a new video game.  Seriously, did you know you can actually PLAY your run?  As in watch the course of your run?  It is freaking amazing. 

So of course I also celebrated Trail Run Sunday (again, doesn’t everyone celebrate this?) and headed out for a quick little trail run with the dogs.  Okay, it wasn’t quick.  At all.  Apparently shooting a wedding for 10+ hours the night before had taken its toll on me (who needs to do squats when you can do it with 20 lbs of camera equipment in dress shoes?).  I ran, I jogged, I walked, I cursed a lot.  But hey, at least I got out and did something and even better I had a fabulous new workout to study from my trusty Garmin. 

Any guesses what today is?  Marina Monday.  That’s where a well rested me goes out for a nice and easy three miles with my new fabulous Garmin…just because I can.  Don’t worry.  Wednesday is my day of rest (because I am also celebrating Last Group Run for the Season Tuesday).  I love this darned thing!  Not as much as I love Bill’s kick ass pumpkin pie or Jack Russell Terriers, but it’s pretty darned close!

So while I still despise Black Friday, it has its uses.