Tuesday Running

This is Drew and his dad, Corrigan. Aren't they handsome?

Last night’s run was great, pure and simple.  I arrived at the marina about an hour before the group run so I could pick up the family packets for Thursday’s Turkey Trot then take Drew out for a quick one mile warm up run. 

Check in for the race went well.  Mom, Dad and Bill are doing the two miler around the marina and I will be doing the 10K.  It is going to be a lot of fun and my mother is so going to love the festive red race sweatshirt with turkey tracks all over it.  Seriously, she loves that sort of thing.  Bill and Dad?  Not so much but I can guarantee Mom will have them dressed too.  Fortunately for me, I have my blue Reno Running and Fitness shirt to wear.  Go RRF! 

After stuffing bags of goodies into the truck, I leashed up Drew and we headed out for a quick mile.  And it was pretty quick at 11 minutes.  Not too shabby for my first mile out after more than a week off due to the blister incident and that trip to Vegas over the weekend.  Actually, it felt great:  no rubbing, no burning, no pain so I headed out with the group for a nice easy four miler. 

The miles went by fairly quickly and we paced well at 12:12 and when we were done I realized I felt GREAT.  I had been a little worried how the run would go after not running for so long (I hate not running for so long).  I expected to be slow, unmotivated and quite frankly a little miserable.  Actually, a lot of this has to do with my inability to get into either the CIM or Las Vegas half marathons on 12/4.  Mentally, being forced to sit out of what I had hoped would be my first half AND spending ten days on the couch (or dance floor, whatever) has been hard on me.  I am reminding myself that the only reason I didn’t get in is because the decision to run either race was a bit last minute.  I mean, hello, I know to enter dog shows months ahead of time so I get in.  It’s not like this is a new concept to me.  But six weeks ago, I had no idea how very capable of running 13.1 miles I would be now and sitting out last week just made it worst.  A little runner’s depression?  You betcha.

I attribute a great deal of the success of last night to having such great company.  Roland and Tracey were (as always) a lot of fun and the conversation didn’t give me much opportunity to sabotage myself.  Drew is also quite happy with me, though he would have liked to have run faster and further than us all.  That dog was built to run for miles.  He gets that from me.  Ha!

I am hoping to squeeze in a couple extra miles today just for good measure.  Nothing exciting or particularly fast, but mostly to keep me nice and loose for Thursday’s race.  And after the race?  The most amazing dinner ever!!!  I absolutely will not feel guilty indulging in Bill’s fabulous pumpkin pie, the cheesy potatoes or all that stuffing.  YUM!

Happy Thanksgiving!