Evil Blister from Hell

Hunter Creek Falls - Worth the blister from hell (I think!)

I am cranky this morning.  Very cranky.  At some point over the weekend I developed the mother of all blisters on my left foot.  It is a pretty simple formula:  Creek + Sock = Blister. The problem is I have a lot of pent up energy I need to get out and instead, I am hobbling around trying to avoid pissing off an already angry blister.

Let me stop here and say that I have never had a blister actually stop me dead in my tracks.  Normally I treat and move along.  This thing, however, defies explanation.  It is a deep, it is big and I swear it has two layers.  It runs along the arch of my left foot and my foot has responded by swelling so much I can only cram my normally narrow dainty toes into ONE pair of shoes.  Do you know how many pairs of shoes I have?  My wardrobe options for work this week all must go with a pair of chunky heeled black loafers.  No fabulous knee high boots for me today.  Sigh.

Anyway, I did the whole Epsom salt soak thing.  When it decided to drain all on its own, I followed it up with betadine (which BTW is fantastic for healing just about anything).  Second skin products were a no go and due to the large surface area, I had to resort to stealing vet wrap from our canine first aid kit.  I have been airing it out at night.  And on the advice of the nurse, even iced the area under my desk since it was swelling so much (but is super clean and thus far not infected).  But even though it looks (maybe?) a little better this morning, I still woke up at least ten times last night because I bumped it (or the terriers bumped it).  And I am at a loss.  The ugly matching blister on my right foot?  Healed.

Swollen Feet and Vet Wrap...Awesome.

Yes, I know I am whining.  A lot.  I actually wouldn’t be whining had it not been for last night.

Tuesday nights, I run with a group.  I love running with them.  They are awesome.  Really awesome.  I tended to Angry Blister, which included some great padding and put on my running shoes.  It felt a little snug but ok.  Then not ok.  I found myself hobbling toward the group because no matter which way I moved, it felt like a bear trap had clamped onto my foot.  I was about ready to chew my own foot off.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance and this was excruciating.   That is when I realized if I couldn’t even walk a half mile, how was I going to run five miles? 

So I gave up.  ME.  I don’t give up.  But I also realized that if I had any hope of being able to get my oh so needed miles this week that I needed to give it another day. 

Today is another day.  The blister is still angry and miserable.  I can still only wedge my foot into that one pair of loafers.  But I think it is better.  After all, I didn’t have to use vet wrap this morning.  Nope.  I was able to use only half a non-stick gauze pad and a little tape.  We are making progress.  Maybe I can squeeze out a couple miles tonight.  We’ll see.

Tomorrow I promise to whine less.  Thanks for indulging me!