A Great Weekend

It was a great weekend.  Actually it was a fantastic weekend.

Friday night, I headed out to celebrate a birthday in the group.

Saturday morning, I hit the trail with RRF for a nice and easy six miles.  I am not exactly sure when it happened, but somewhere recently six miles doesn’t seem all that far and in fact, feels pretty darned good.  Sure, it was absolutely freezing (18 F when we started).  Sure, it started snowing while we were sipping Gatorade in the parking lot.  Sure, I reached out and grabbed a blackberry bush because I thought it was cool (uh, WHAT?).  But it was nice and easy, mostly because I had the fantastic company of Dianne, Dan and Shelly.  Not only are they fun but they inspire me with the tales of half marathons past.

After the nice run (and a shower), I headed into work for a few hours and got quite a few things done while everyone else was gone.  Then it was off to RF Revolution Dog Sport’s annual awards banquet.  Instead of doing the old back room at Round Table Pizza thing, this year’s dinner was held at a teammates house and was AMAZING.  We spent hours chatting, indulging in a delicious feast and celebrating the team’s accomplishments this year.  It was an incredible time!  We even came home with a couple of awards.

My overly dramatic and brooding almost 3 year old JRT, Drew (he is SO Team Edward) won the awards for Box Turn and Anchor Dog in flyball.  This means that he a very fast, very pretty turn off the box.  It also means he shows if off at any opportunity-like on my chest at 4:30 in the morning as I stumble down the hall to let him out to potty.  It also means that he does a very good job of running fourth in a line up.  I’m not gonna lie-the dog frequently comes from behind to win races.  In fact, he LIKES to be behind just so he can push ahead and win.  For such a dark and brooding little dog, he certainly has an amazing touchdown dance.  He would be signing tennis balls with a Sharpie if we let him.

This is Drew. He pretty much knows he rocks.

Then there is Smokey, the happy go lucky teenager who loves everyone and is pretty much loved by everyone.  He came home with Height Dog of the Year (by vote) in flyball and is the reserve Lap Dog of the Year (by score) in dock jumping.  What this means is that he is a pretty awesome small dog.  I am biased though.  How could I not be?  Look at this face!

Smokey, actor and athlete extraordinaire

After the party, I drove 90 minutes home and tried to take a nap.  That’s right…napping at 9 PM on a Saturday night.  It doesn’t make sense.  Neither does why I needed the nap.  That is what is so cool about me:  I don’t have to make sense.  But seriously, a few of us were heading out to run the Anything is Possible 5K at UNR…at 1:50 AM.  Why you ask?  Well, actually you didn’t ask but I shall tell you anyway because that is sort of the whole purpose of this blog thing:  Time Change!

The idea behind this run was a fun one:  start racing at 1:50 AM, just before the clocks turn back and finish with a negative time.  How cool is that?  Very cool!  The race was a lot of fun and the course was pretty nifty-featuring my least favorite feature of the entire UNR campus:  the hill of death by Lombardi.  I cannot tell you how many times I hiked that hill in my tenure there but I hate it.  And of course found myself running up in a snow storm in the middle of the night.  And when I say running, I mean walking briskly.  Still, I finished with a nice 34:27 – just 30 seconds off my actual PB which included no walking and no hills.  I am very happy with that.  I also enjoyed visiting with the RRF folks.  They are amazing. 

(I am, however, struggling with the 5K distance.  This is the second race where I have come around the corner thinking I had about a mile left to go and was a couple hundred yards from the finish.  I feel like I have really just found my groove and that’s it.  It’s over.  I am left with that feeling that I should have run harder even though I know I ran well.  I am not alone in this, right?)

And just when you though the race was it, I slept for a couple hours then headed out with the camera to watch my friend’s kids at a cheerleading competition.  I am not big on kids.  In fact, I normally avoid them like the plague.  But I have my favorites.  Specifically, these guys are my favorites and since I love competitions of any sort, I of course had to go cheer them on.  Do you know how amazing 5-8 year olds can be?  WOW!  So freaking cute and talented.  They did pyramids, people!  AMAZING.  And even better, they took second place and let me tell you-that first place team could put high school squads to shame.  WOW!  I am so proud!

Yup, it was a good weekend.  A great weekend!