The Time of Two Breafkasts

Seriously, how can you not enjoy this?

“Guess what’s coming?” my inner fat chick says with the delight of a kid on Christmas Eve.

“What?” I ask nervously, mixing almonds into my oatmeal.  

“The time of two breakfasts,” she says with an enthusiasm my tired brain is not yet capable of understanding at this insanely early hour.

 “What am I?  A Hobbit?”  Apparently my inner fat chick thinks so.  Two breakfasts.  Phffft.  Once sensible protein rich breakfast is all I need.  But out of curiosity I look at the calendar on the fridge and realize: Dammit, she’s right. 

Before we proceed with you thinking I have completely lost my mind, admit it:  you talk to yourself too.  You know you do.  There is a near constant dialogue running in my head at any given moment, discussing a variety of topics ranging from planning the day ahead to strategizing world peace.  Again, you know you do it too.

I start my next intensive fitness training session next Monday but I will continue to run which results in a unique phenomenon for a 30 something fat chick like me: the two a day work out.  Not every day mind you because that would be just plain crazy, but three days a week.  And when one of those work outs is before dawn, it results in another phenomenon:  second breakfast. 

Actually, it is more along the lines of a protein rich pre-work out snack that I can chug half asleep while driving and not barf up during intensive four by four drills.  This is then followed by a good breakfast before heading into work.  I typically have a tasty breakfast that runs around 300 calories.  On these mornings, I will consume closer to 600.  You can see where the inner fat chick got the idea of two breakfasts.

The reality is that without that pre-work out snack, I will become so ravenously hungry and unbearably cranky that I will both consume my entire lunch and send out a Jerry McGuire-esque email before 9 am.  It’s not pretty and I am not proud of it but it is what it is.  When I first worked myself into two a days this summer, I really struggled with the idea of adding in additional calories.  Eating more even when I so obviously needed to eat more felt like I was undoing all the hard work. If you think this morning’s dialogue with my inner fat chick is disturbing?  Try listening to THAT debate.

Now I see it differently.  First, if I wouldn’t try to drive 100 miles on an empty tank of gas why would I run for ten miles on an empty stomach?  Heck now!  Food is fuel.  Second, those extra 200-300 calories for that snack is far better than the 500-1,000 binge related calories I subjected myself to on more than one occasion because I was so ravenously hungry that I said, “Screw it!” 

And thus, the Time of Two Breafkasts approaches.  Think of all the delicious omelets and smoothie variations!  Yes, the inside of my head can be a scary place.