Running Shoe Retirement

My Asics GT 2160's at the Lake Tahoe 10K

My poor Asics GT 2160’s would probably have a few hundred miles of life left in them had I not complete trashed them in Scotland and had I not lost enough weight to shrink an entire shoe size.  I realized this at the Lake Tahoe 10K where no matter how tight my laces or how thick my socks, I was sliding into the toe of my shoe not just on the steep downhill at the start, but the entire race.  The sliding combined with a couple spots tears in the webbing from vicious thorns in Oban meant it was time to start breaking in a new pair.

Not surprisingly, my new pair of shoes are also Asics GT 2160’s, though this pair is far more cool with steel  gray detail and lime green laces.  Don’t tell my old shoes though.  It might hurt their feelings.  The new shoes are also a size smaller and just as comfy as my old shoes.  And they have a back up…a third pair mysteriously made its way into my closet while getting my dad fitted for a new pair of shoes.  What can I say, it was an end of season sale and I love these shoes.  Thus far, the breaking in of the green and gray shoes is going perfectly.  I’m not sure what it is about this particular shoe and I but we hit it off immediately and without issue every time.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes.

My old shoes haven’t retired just yet.  Nope.  They still have one more very important race ahead of them:  the Warrior Dash.  What better way to go out than in mud pits, ponds and cargo nets?

Completely unrelated:  I heart lentils. In desperate need of doing a little grocery shopping but lacking the motivation to actually do so, I was rummaging through my cabinets and the fridge last night looking for something that might make a tasty yet easy meal.  And then I found my emergency store of lentils.  Some people keep top ramen in their cabinet.  I keep lentils.

The great thing about lentils is that they cook fast and can be combined with just about any seasoning and vegetable.  I tossed them in the pot with several cups of water and about 10 minutes later, tossed in diced tomatoes and habaneros from a friend’s garden and seasoned with a little fresh garlic, salt and pepper.  In another 10 minutes I dished up the lentils and veggies into a bowl, topped with grated cheddar.  Delicious, filling, fiber filled and under 400 calories.  AMAZING!  I love lentils.