Lake Tahoe 10K: Bring it!

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn I will be huddling in the cold with dozens of other runners up at Lake Tahoe waiting for the start line shuttle bus.  I actually feel far more ready tonight than I have the last couple weeks. I have remembered how much I learned from my first 10K, including making sure I have hydration and fuel with me.  And I happened to check the weather forecast and realize that it is now going to be 20 degrees cooler than originally forecasted, which means I need something a little warmer.  So I found this great top from Underarmor in my favorite colores that is comfortable, warm and breathable.  Sure, it may travel to the finish line in a plastic bag but I will be SO happy I have it until then.  All my gear is laid out and packed up.  I have my meal strategy ready and more importantly, I know where I am supposed to be and when tomorrow.  Heck, I even had an awesome moment at Scheel’s while picking up gels:  I was actually asked if I was running the marathon tomorrow.  OMG, no but that has to mean I am starting to look like a runner, right?  Albeit a rather fluffy and slow one but still!  So, I’ve put in the miles and I feel really good.  This of course means, I will have my first DNF, right?   HA!  See you all at the finish line!