I need an ass kicking!

I should be running but instead I am chilling at the 49ers game in San Francisco...

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.  I have a 10K on Sunday and while I feel reasonably prepared for it I feel like I should be BETTER prepared for it.  Two contributing factors:  hellish schedule and lack of motivation.  I am somewhat convinced the two go together because it is easy to feel absolutely unmotivated to take time for myself when I am trying to keep up with the demanding schedule I have imposed upon myself.

I am not treating myself well.  I am making barely acceptable food choices and at least making some effort to sleep, but I am not working out like I should.  This contributes to the growing exhaustion creeping over me.  The more I work out, the more energized I am.  The less I work out, the more tired I am.  I am one of THOSE people.  So I am looking at my schedule for Sunday and pretty much beating myself up for not putting in my long run last week and not having set foot to pavement this week at all.

But there is an upside:  I get an eggplant colored long sleeved wind shirt AND a medal for finishing this 10K.  That totally makes up for my lethargy, right? Um, no but it is a nice thought.  You know what else is a nice thought?  New compression running capris, berry flavored gel and a playlist that is actually long enough for a 10K without repeating.  In a weird way it does show that I actually give a crap, right?  Of course right.

Seriously though, I need to jump start myself.  I am doing an excellent job of maintaining post vacation and I am proud of myself that I can maintain even with all the traveling and the schedule from hell.  But I don’t want to maintain yet.  I have another 50 lbs to shed.  I own my first size 12 and I want more.  I posted that 10 minute pace and I want more of that too.  It isn’t going to happen crashed out on the couch under a pile of terriers with U-Swirl, no matter how carefully measured out and correctly portioned it is.

The only way this is going to happen is I kick my own ass back in gear.  And so I have!

Starting October 10, I am back in my favorite boot camp five days a week before work.  I cannot even tell you how much I am looking forward to having my ass handed to me with hundreds of sit-ups, push-ups and planks.  It will be HEAVEN.

Since completing my goal of running a 5K a month, completing a 10K and Scottish hill race this summer, I have become rather complacent in my running of late.  Heck, I am on my SECOND 10K and I am tackling hills with a vengeance.  I posted a new personal best last weekend and I wasn’t even trying.  So now I am lazy but yet I have this goal of running a half marathon in 2012.  There are actually three I would like to run.  I also want to run a 10K in under 60 minutes and a 5K in under 30 minutes.  Frankly, none of this seems unreasonable to me but I am certainly not going to get there like this.  And so also on October 10, I start an intermediate 10K/Half training program, which includes two group runs a week as well as three runs on my own.   I am mixing it up, getting some guidance and focusing in on those new goals.

Now I am sure there are those of you out there practically having a heart attack envisioning a 200+ lbs fat chick plunging into highly intensive two a day work outs.  Please don’t panic.  I was happily doing two a day work outs prior to vacation and I haven’t lost ground as much as I’ve just gotten a little lazy.  I need to get my ass back in gear before I DO start losing ground.  Because while I won’t be setting a personal best this weekend’s 10K, I will finish strong…and in those new compression shorts and the eggplant wind shirt I am going to look AWESOME.

So here is to a personal ass kickings!