Before and In Progress: 180 lbs down, 150 lbs to go!

Bill and I decided last fall to embark on a significant lifestyle change, focusing on health and fitness.  We have been so focused on careers, education and dog sports that we had become complacement and even lazy about taking care of ourselves.  As we began preparing for the trip of a lifetime to Scotland and France, we realized that we were cheating ourselves out of life and needed to make a change.  It wasn’t easy and we are far from done, but through eating well and exercising regularly, we have lost a combined 180 lbs and seemingly countless inches (okay, not countless…I know exactly how many inches have come off where!) since December 26, 2010.  So here we are before and in progress…

Bill and I at my 30th Birthday Party, August 2009


Bill and I in Las Vegas, July 2011

 This year I will celebrate my 32nd birthday on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France sporting jeans that are a size smaller than I wore when we married almost 12 years ago (and 6 sizes smaller than I wore on my 30th birthday!) while Bill will be wearing the same size shorts he wore as a freshman in college!   Now that is something to celebrate!